The right evening dress for every occasion

An evening event is coming up and you’re wondering which evening dress is best? The possibilities for women are numerous: from short over knee-length to floor-length evening dresses in an elegant or casual style. At the same time, the invitation to an evening event raises the question: what do I wear? The choice of clothes should be consistent and women would like to feel comfortable in their outfit.


Classic evening dresses are characterized by their special fabric and the elegant cut. The evening dress is appropriate for festive occasions as well as most evening events, such as dance balls, operas or a gala. Many evening dresses are very figure-hugging and adapted to the respective season.

For formal occasions, such as balls or the opera, offers a long evening dress. This variant of the evening dresses extends at least over the knee, but usually up to the ankle. The long evening gowns are rather cut down at the bottom to give the wearer the necessary legroom when dancing.

Pompous and extravagant are flowing ball gowns. They are known from films such as “Sissi”, the Empress from Austria. Ball gowns are worn at formal and very significant events. Typical of ball gowns are the corset-like tops, the wide-cut skirts and the noble fabric of silk, satin or chiffon. In the broadest sense also wedding dresses belong to the category of evening dresses. Typical is the white color of the wedding dresses.

Especially at weddings: elegant, but by no means steal the show from the bride. If you are not the bride yourself, avoid the colors cream, beige and white in your wardrobe. Also wedding guests should refrain from eye-catching pattern combinations, prints or bright colors in the cloakroom, because that too could steal the show from the bride. The art is to find the right combination. Not too sexy but not too casual. Of course in black is not recommended, after all, a wedding isnot a funeral.


Short evening dresses or often called cocktail dresses are for casual events or parties. These clothes only reach to the knee. The most famous cocktail dress is probably the “little black dress “. That stands out from other evening dresses by its classically elegant cut. The short evening dresses can also be distinguished by their cut. Sheath dresses stretch to the knee and have a tight fit at the waist. Often, sheath dresses without sleeves and collar. Say, they have a simple timeless style and can be worn on all occasions. Loose, straight and more in a sporty style are shirt blouse dresses. A typical dress from the 50s is the petticoat dress. The festive dress has a Rock-a-Billy character with its wide, puffy underskirt, lace and ruffles.

Determine ring size – three ways to the right piece of jewelry

It’s always the same problem: we want to buy a charming new ring or tell our partner subtly that we would like to wear something nice and new on our finger – but then we do not know which ring size is actually the right one.

But not only the loved one can not give a ring, not even we ourselves can treat ourselves to something beautiful from the online shop, without annoying return and exchange. Without ring size no matching ring.


Fortunately, the solution to this problem is quite simple: There are three different ways to determine your own ring size. With a string, a comparison ring or a ring template from the jeweler, you can quickly determine their individual size. That’s how it works:

Method 1: The twine

Wrap a thread around your finger where you want to wear the ring later. Measured at the widest point, corresponding to the knuckle. Pull the thread very tightly, since the ring is finally worn on the finger root, which is slightly thinner than the ankle. At the point where the thread ends overlap, they cut the yarn through. Now the thread can be measured. The length in millimeters then corresponds to your ring size.

Method 2: The diameter

If the first method means too much ‘frills’ for you, then you can also determine your ring size with an existing piece of jewelry. Just measure the diameter of your favorite ring. The millimeter value that is displayed on the ruler then only needs to be multiplied by a factor of 3.14. The result corresponds to your ring size.

Method 3: The template

But it is even easier. Many jewelers provide a ring template online. With the ring size can easily be found out alone. The template just needs to be printed and cropped. For this purpose, the paper is kinked in the appropriate place, so that only half circles in different sizes are cut. Then you can put your finger through the holes cut out and quickly recognize which circle your finger fits easily. The corresponding size is indicated under each circle.

Trends that we all will wear according to Gucci 2018

At this point, the smiley with the little hearts eyes would be appropriate! No, we did not hit Ryan Gosling or ordered the new Chanel Bag . We looked at “just” the 120 looks (the highest in a collection so far) by Gucci designer Alessandro Michele yesterday in Milan.

Ever since the Italians designed the luxury label, each collection feels a bit like “The Royal Tenenbaums” looking at LSD. But since then in the fashion world also a Gucci hype has broken out unparalleled. Michele almost single-handedly pushed aside minimalism and brought back the opulence.


His Gucci fall-winter collection ran under the motto “The Alchemist’s Garden – An Anti-modern Laboratory” (The Alchemist’s Garden – An Anti-Modern Laboratory). At the same time Michele asked on the cool, designed by graffiti artist Coco Capitan invitation (in the form of a vinyl record): “What are we gonna do with all that future?” (What do we do with so much future?).

And indeed, Gucci brought some fashion trends from the moth-crates: 80s blazer with glitter leggings, ruched midi dresses in the style of the 1940s, terry headbands with gucci print (Flashback in the late 70’s as tennis was super hot), Knicker-Bocker Pants from the 20’s, punk and rock elements – you name it!

All these fashion elements were mixed by alchemist Michele into a colorful fashion circus. Looking away impossible! We do not want to. Because we can not wait to wear the Gucci pieces (or a Zara version of it) soon.

These handbags must necessarily on your wish list

No question: the fabulous handbags of the Munich-based label OH! Lala are the shooting star of the industry and must not be missing under any Christmas tree! Thanks to the classically elegant outer shapes of the collection, the bags not only have the potential to become a real style icon, they also make the “OH! Lala” effect possible in the first place, In fact, this feeling of happiness inevitably overtakes us when we look inside the handmade jewelery pieces: instead of the usual gloomy black lining, the label relies on specially designed and strictly limited patterns in cheerful pastel colors. For OH! Lala, it is the inner values ​​of the bags that the label attaches great importance to. Each pattern has its own individual charm – and Flamingo, Fuchs and Matroschka, among others, find their way into the enchanting handbags. But the label has also thought of non-pattern lovers and has created wonderfully subtle inner lining with their “Simply OH! Lala” collection .


But that’s not enough! In fact, the handbags are made in exclusive handwork directly in Florence, Italy in small editions. Normally, the bags would not be to get under 400 euros through this elaborate manufacture manufacturing, but since the young label renounced entirely on intermediaries and sold exclusively through its own online shop , the small works of art are already available from 99 euros. The fashion heart leaps with joy!

So, no matter if you give it to yourself or give a tip to your loved one, we are convinced that the individual handbags will provide sparkling eyes under your Christmas tree.

Incidentally, the second collection, which was launched just a few days ago, extends the previous OH! Lala world with a super cute handbag that can also be worn as a crossbody, as well as an extra spacious shopper bag that really has everything you need in everyday life can not do without. The new collection also brings seven new lining patterns on the market. Our absolute favorites are including the pattern “Red Square Matryoshka” which is a tribute to the same, familiar characters, and the pattern “High Mountain Lake Side” , the real winter wonderland flair in magic pocket.

Bridal Dress Trend 2018: Would you wear these extravagant wedding dresses?

A dream in white … for many a very clear idea, unimaginable for others. Who says that a wedding dress must be long and white? Maybe the tradition, but not always your own taste. Luckily, there are more and more glamorous wedding dresses that are at least as beautiful – and really surprising! These five bridal gown variants are eye-catching, extravagant and modern. Would you wear her?

Chicregina-Trumpet-Mermaid-Sweetheart-Organza-Chapel-Train-Wedding-Gown-With-Ruched-BeadingThe non-color black is often associated with grief. That’s why the color as a wedding dress is still uncommon today. In the 16th century, black wedding dresses on the strictly Catholic Spanish royal court were perfectly natural. The trend was quickly adopted throughout Europe. The neutral color underlined the piety of the wearer.

Slowly, this color is becoming a trend again for wedding dresses. Black dresses are elegant, fairytale and can play very playful with lace and tulle. Even glittering stones and pearl applications are noble.

Chicregina-A-Line-Princess-Sweetheart-Asymmetrical-Organza-Wedding-Gown-With-BeadingIt does not always have to be long. Short bridal gowns are almost more exciting and can be playful or sexy, with a rockabilly or vintage charm. Above all, they are wonderfully modern and uncomplicated. Often they are selected for civil wedding. The best: The knee or calf-length dresses put the bridal shoes in the spotlight and give plenty of legroom. Perfect for dancing!

More and more often in the signal color red is married. Women in red dresses look confident, passionate and courageous. The custom of red wedding dresses comes from Asia. There the color symbolizes joy, happiness and fertility. In Europe too, the color is making a big comeback to Wedding. Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta have already sent their models in one or the other red bridal robes on the runway.

All wedding dresses image from Chicregina

Valentino Garavani: Go online

Designer Valentino Garavani and his business partner Giancarlo Giammetti are opening a web portal with the “The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum” on 5 December , which will provide a look at the fashion designer’s most legendary designs. He is very happy that he can make his work accessible to everyone.


The online exhibition , which features 300 of the most beautiful dresses by the Italian designer, reveals to WWD: “I consider this as part of my legacy, and I am pleased that thousands of students, young designers and fashion people are seeing my work and to study every aspect of her in a way that is particularly easy for the younger generation to achieve , but it is also important to remember the things of the past to discuss the fashion that shapes our lives I would call it ‘the memory of the future ‘. ”

The virtual tour can be of fashion-interested as a desktop appcan be downloaded to the computer, then you have the opportunity to put together your own tour. Valentino Garavani and his business partner accompany the visit with personal comments and explanations.

Make-up trends autumn winter 2017 2018. The new make-up colors

Every change of season brings small – and big – changes, also in the make-up . Trendystyle interviewed Michele Magnani, Mac’s Global Senior Artist, to learn more about the make-up for autumn and winter 2017 2018 . In this interview Michele tells us about the unusually bright colors for the winter season. But before he tells us how to use these new make-up colors, the top make-up artist tells us about some big, global changes that are going on in the make-up world. Think of it as a ‘ General Introduction Make-up Autumn Winter 2017 2018 ‘

make up1

‘The key word for autumn and winter 2017 2018 is the strength of women’, Michele Magnani begins. ‘In recent years, women have started to see make-up differently. It is no longer just a tool to make you more beautiful but also to express yourself, your own personality and the mood in which you are at that moment. ‘

‘Another change that also influences the make-up comes from the fashion world . The fashion designers have made a statement. In the past the designers dictated fashion, now the designers listen more and more to the needs of the woman (the power of the woman!) And play on it. They are also increasingly influenced by streetwear , by ‘real’ life and what happens there. Previously there was a gap between the ‘real’ life and the patinated world of fashion magazines and catwalks, but now we see more and more portable things in the runways in which the woman of today feels at ease. ‘

make up

‘And so fashion comes with countless ideas, just like in the make-up : from hypersensual transparent creations to cool metropolitan looks. Fashion has thousands of facets. There is no longer one style, one direction, but there are thousands of directions , thousands of directions, which each of us can interpret in her own way and on the basis of her own personality. This is the basis, the preamble, of the make-up autumn winter 2017 2018. ‘

‘The modern make-up also breaks with all the rules and also with everything that happens on Instagram . Here, too, the world of fashion – and the make-up world – makes a statement: the everyday life is one thing, the world of Instagram is another. They are two totally different worlds. Not that the one is better, worse, more accurate or worse … ”

‘The social media offer us the opportunity to filter, to Photoshop, in the real world this possibility does not exist. There are very sophisticated high quality products that approach the Photoshop effect, but it is almost impossible to achieve what we see on Instagram in the real world. That is why we concentrate on make-up and make-up tips and products that are geared to everyday life in the make-up . ‘