Make-up trends autumn winter 2017 2018. The new make-up colors

Every change of season brings small – and big – changes, also in the make-up . Trendystyle interviewed Michele Magnani, Mac’s Global Senior Artist, to learn more about the make-up for autumn and winter 2017 2018 . In this interview Michele tells us about the unusually bright colors for the winter season. But before he tells us how to use these new make-up colors, the top make-up artist tells us about some big, global changes that are going on in the make-up world. Think of it as a ‘ General Introduction Make-up Autumn Winter 2017 2018 ‘

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‘The key word for autumn and winter 2017 2018 is the strength of women’, Michele Magnani begins. ‘In recent years, women have started to see make-up differently. It is no longer just a tool to make you more beautiful but also to express yourself, your own personality and the mood in which you are at that moment. ‘

‘Another change that also influences the make-up comes from the fashion world . The fashion designers have made a statement. In the past the designers dictated fashion, now the designers listen more and more to the needs of the woman (the power of the woman!) And play on it. They are also increasingly influenced by streetwear , by ‘real’ life and what happens there. Previously there was a gap between the ‘real’ life and the patinated world of fashion magazines and catwalks, but now we see more and more portable things in the runways in which the woman of today feels at ease. ‘

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‘And so fashion comes with countless ideas, just like in the make-up : from hypersensual transparent creations to cool metropolitan looks. Fashion has thousands of facets. There is no longer one style, one direction, but there are thousands of directions , thousands of directions, which each of us can interpret in her own way and on the basis of her own personality. This is the basis, the preamble, of the make-up autumn winter 2017 2018. ‘

‘The modern make-up also breaks with all the rules and also with everything that happens on Instagram . Here, too, the world of fashion – and the make-up world – makes a statement: the everyday life is one thing, the world of Instagram is another. They are two totally different worlds. Not that the one is better, worse, more accurate or worse … ”

‘The social media offer us the opportunity to filter, to Photoshop, in the real world this possibility does not exist. There are very sophisticated high quality products that approach the Photoshop effect, but it is almost impossible to achieve what we see on Instagram in the real world. That is why we concentrate on make-up and make-up tips and products that are geared to everyday life in the make-up . ‘