Trends that we all will wear according to Gucci 2018

At this point, the smiley with the little hearts eyes would be appropriate! No, we did not hit Ryan Gosling or ordered the new Chanel Bag . We looked at “just” the 120 looks (the highest in a collection so far) by Gucci designer Alessandro Michele yesterday in Milan.

Ever since the Italians designed the luxury label, each collection feels a bit like “The Royal Tenenbaums” looking at LSD. But since then in the fashion world also a Gucci hype has broken out unparalleled. Michele almost single-handedly pushed aside minimalism and brought back the opulence.


His Gucci fall-winter collection ran under the motto “The Alchemist’s Garden – An Anti-modern Laboratory” (The Alchemist’s Garden – An Anti-Modern Laboratory). At the same time Michele asked on the cool, designed by graffiti artist Coco Capitan invitation (in the form of a vinyl record): “What are we gonna do with all that future?” (What do we do with so much future?).

And indeed, Gucci brought some fashion trends from the moth-crates: 80s blazer with glitter leggings, ruched midi dresses in the style of the 1940s, terry headbands with gucci print (Flashback in the late 70’s as tennis was super hot), Knicker-Bocker Pants from the 20’s, punk and rock elements – you name it!

All these fashion elements were mixed by alchemist Michele into a colorful fashion circus. Looking away impossible! We do not want to. Because we can not wait to wear the Gucci pieces (or a Zara version of it) soon.