10 Best Gasoline Lawn Mowers: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

The grass is growing so fast in your garden that you can almost see the grass sprouting, then you should grab a good lawnmower to cut the green accordingly. If you want to do this very comfortably and benefit from a powerful device, then you should rely on a good petrol lawnmower.

As a garden owner, you thus ensure a well-kept lawn. But which petrol lawnmower is recommended and what should you watch out for if you are interested in a new model? We would like to help you with these questions and have attached to you the 10 best petrol lawnmowers from some renowned brand manufacturers.

In addition, you will find here on this page the test results of the consumer and garden magazines and an extensive range of counselors, so you can get all around the topic of gas mowers.

10 Best Gasoline Lawn Mowers

Which petrol lawnmowers are recommended according to the test of Stiftung Warentest?

If you would like to consult the reviews of the consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest before you make a purchase, you will find attached information about the gasoline lawnmower. The last test of this particular lawnmower took place in March 2013 and is, therefore, a bit outdated.

As a general conclusion, the testers were able to determine that the cheap gasoline mowers did not mow well. In addition, especially the high volume was criticized, which was primarily true of the models that can be assigned to the higher price segment. The petrol lawnmowers, which have done best in the test of Stiftung Warentest, were offered from 500 €.

If you would like to read all the details of this review of gasoline lawnmowers, you will find on this page of the Stiftung Warentest the information.

The best models according to the gasoline lawn mower test of selbst.de

Especially recommended in the field of lawnmowers, of course, the test results that come from renowned magazines, such as selbst.de. The magazine together with the TÜV Rheinland examined several lawnmowers from the entry-level class, which do not have a wheel drive. Above all, the devices of the manufacturers Makita, AL-KO, and Dolmar prevailed. For more information on the test results, you will find here on this side of the garden magazine all the details.

Gasoline Lawn Mower: The guide with all the answers to your questions!

For which applications does a good petrol lawnmower offer itself?

Especially if you have a garden, then you should always make sure that the lawn is maintained accordingly. Otherwise, this does not make a very good impression, for example, if you visit or the garden is visible from the street. As a general rule, you should always reach for the lawnmower when the growth height has reached up to 10 cm. From this height, you can barely cope with standard lawnmowers and have to resort to other garden tools. Well-kept lawns are between 4 and 5 cm high. With such a surface, you can then use your lawn mower to set and provide the perfect cutting height, so that forms a green carpet.

With a gasoline lawnmower, you ensure effortless operation

Many consumers also ask themselves the question of which garden surface a petrol lawn mower should best be used. Basically, you mow with such a lawnmower your garden much more comfortable than, for example, with an electrical appliance. This is in fact related to the existing drive, as the petrol lawnmower is known to go by itself. Especially with larger areas from 200 m², this is definitely recommended. If your lawn is uneven and has many inclines, such as a slope, then the constant pushing of the mower is physically demanding. A good petrol lawnmower, on the other hand, handles gradients of this kind much easier, so you should rely on this type of propulsion on such terrain.

If you have physical problems or do not describe yourself as being particularly fit, then a petrol lawnmower also offers key advantages over a cordless lawnmower or an electric lawnmower. Compared to a lawn tractor, petrol lawnmowers are also much cheaper.

The main features of gasoline lawnmowers

If you are making a purchase decision, you should pay attention to the following characteristics, if you want to commit yourself to a gasoline lawnmower.

    • The performance

Nearly all gasoline lawn mowers use a four-stroke engine. This is refueled with classic super gasoline. Consumption is usually very low, so you do not have to expect too high follow-up costs here.

Depending on the engine, the petrol lawnmower reaches a power of 2 to 5 hp. With an appropriate device, you can accelerate and slow down, similar to the car. Depending on whether you have a particularly large garden or a small garden, you should pay attention to the performance. Basically, the bigger your garden, the better petrol lawnmowers with higher performance are.

    • cutting width

The cutting width plays a central role in all lawnmowers. Finally, with just one pass, you determine which surface can be processed. The larger the cutting width, the fewer passes you save on your petrol lawnmower. Conversely, this means a time savings and comfortable handling for you if you have a gasoline lawn mower with a sufficient cutting width. For most models, this starts from 40 cm. But there are also large lawnmowers with a petrol engine, which offer a cutting width of up to 50 cm and more.

    • Adjusting the cutting height

With particularly high-quality gasoline lawn mowers, of which we have already presented some models here on this page, you can, of course, adjust the cutting height individually. Multi-level systems are usually available for you to choose from so that the cutting height can be edited from 2.5 cm up to 10 cm. So you benefit from a practical way to mow the lawn according to your personal ideas.

    • The ejection of the lawn

If you ride your lawnmower with your mower, then the green is known to be ejected at the rear or forwarded to a corresponding collection box. Some lawnmowers also support ejection on the side. The smaller the collecting container, the more often you have to empty it, which is time-consuming. Make sure that you have a sufficiently large volume, which is important especially for larger lawns. Otherwise, you are only busy with emptying.

    • The storage of the lawnmower

Especially the gasoline lawn mower is known to take up a lot of space. Fittingly, the manufacturers integrate devices, for example, to fold the handles or bars. So if you do not have too much space in your tool shed, then check appropriate devices, so you can store the petrol lawn mower to save space. However, the more weight the lawnmower brings to the scale, the harder it is to maneuver in non-activated mode. So remember too, if you have physical weaknesses.

    • The wheels of the lawnmower

If the rear wheels of the petrol lawnmower are connected to the transmission, you benefit from a wheel drive. This is a fundamental advantage that petrol lawnmowers offer over other models. This is because when you switch on the mower, it moves on its own power on the lawn and you do not have to do any work on it, which is normally necessary with classic lawn mowers with other drives.

Instructions for maintenance and care of the gasoline lawnmower

Are you interested in a lawnmower with a petrol engine, then, of course, you have to wait for it. Compared to a car, however, the maintenance intervals are much simpler. Remember, however, that you should check the oil level regularly and obtain suitable engine oil, which can always be topped up. After every single use, you also need to rid the bottom blades of the gasoline lawnmower of dirt and grass debris. The re-sharpening of these knives is of course also a central part of the regular maintenance, on which you should attach great importance if you want to profit over the longest possible time from the advantages of the petrol lawnmower.

6 important tips for regular lawn mowing in your garden

  • Watch out for a sharp knife

In Germany, especially the so-called sickle mowers are popular. These cut off the grass with rotating blades that are placed horizontally. However, to ensure a clean cut, the knives must be very sharp. Because of this, if you regularly use your lawnmower, you should have it re-sharpened at least once a year. Access the service of a renowned specialist workshop, which can help you in such a case.

  • Mow your lawn regularly

If you want to care for a nice lawn, you have to take care of it. The regular lawn mowing is therefore essential and should be carried out once a week between May and June of the year. But also think about the selection of seeds . Especially cheap mixtures of the lawn grow faster and therefore must be processed more frequently. When selecting the seeds, make sure you have the appropriate information on the package.

  • Do not step on lawn areas that are uncut

The grass is not known to mow well when it has been stepped down. Because of this, you should only step on the lawn you have already worked with the lawnmower.

  • Note the cutting height in case of dryness and little sunshine

If you want to mow the lawn if the weather is not too good, then the cutting height should be set approximately 1 cm higher. Otherwise, the grass cannot absorb enough sunlight, which is especially the case in the fall. If it comes just to a dry period, then the turf should not be cut too much. If the lawn is longer, then the larger grass blades provide good shading of the soil, which prevents dehydration.

  • Set the correct cutting height

Most turfs are best appreciated when a 4 cm cutting height is set. For the lawn, it usually has no negative consequences if you deviate a little from this height. Of course, you should also pay attention to your personal preferences here.

  • Do not use your lawnmower when wet

If it has just rained and the stalks are wet, then even the best lawnmower can not cut it off well. So if the most uniform cut possible plays an important role for you, then do not use your lawnmower in damp and wet conditions. You may also damage grass roots and cause massive defects in your lawn.

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