10 Best Cordless Drills: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

As a true handyman, you depend on a good cordless drill. Thus, you are able to drill completely wireless holes, for example, to attach dowels for a curtain rod or the like.

But when choosing a good cordless drill you should pay attention to some important things, which we refer you to below in the big Stern.de purchase guide.

Attached you will also find an overview of the 10 best cordless drums of the different brand manufacturers. Find out directly which models are suitable for you.

10 Best Cordless Drills

Is there a cordless drill test the Stiftung Warentest?

In March 2015, the consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest conducted a comparison of the best cordless drills. It was found that good models do not have to be expensive and there are enough tools for you to buy that are of very good quality. Remember, however, that Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at cordless screwdrivers in this comparison and that this test was not primarily about cordless drills. Nevertheless, this comparison does provide some information for you that may be of interest in the selection of tools that you may be considering.

What other renowned consumer magazines say about the best cordless screwdrivers?

As an alternative to the test results of the Stiftung Warentest, we would like to draw your attention to the results of the comparison of the best cordless drill drivers, which was determined by the TV broadcaster WDR. The comparison from the “Service Time” program was published at the end of October 2017 and is also available in the form of a video for download.

Together with a landscape gardener, master craftsman, and a hobby craftswoman, the WDR tested a total of four different models from some top brands, which cost between € 80 and € 125. The winner of the award was a machine from Makita. One reason for this was the particularly high-quality workmanship and the charger, which can cool a total of two batteries in parallel. The general handling also moves to a good level, which is also related to the rather compact dimensions and low weight of this cordless drill.

If you are interested in the test results from this comparison of the best cordless drills, you will find here on this website from TV broadcaster WDR all the details.

Cordless Drill Purchasing advice: Everything you should know in advance of a purchase!

You have finally found the right curtain rods for the bedroom and would like to securely mount them to the wall, then you usually have to drill a few holes in order to use the necessary dowels. Especially for home and craftsmen, well-equipped cordless drills are recommended in such a case because they facilitate the work immensely. But which models should you choose? After all, there are many different manufacturers who each use different criteria to reach specific target groups. In keeping with this, you can read through an extensive purchase guide for the battery cordless section of the product range, to get exactly the model that is 100% suitable for you.

What advantages does a cordless drill offer?

With a cordless drill, you can easily drill holes in walls. If the cordless drill also has a hammer drill function, you can even work in other areas, such as working stone or concrete. Compared to a cordless screwdriver, which should not be used as a rule for drilling, you benefit from a cordless drill so much more powerful.

But because it’s a tool that’s equipped with a rechargeable battery, you work perfectly or a cable. In this context, you should of course always pay attention to the range, which is related to the capacity of the batteries.

What should you pay most attention to when buying your cordless drill?

In the context of the Akkubohrern, it is different things to consider to exclude a bad buy. Enclosed please find some criteria in an overview, which you should consider in any case.

    • Power

Most cordless drills have a voltage between 10.8V and 18V. You should pay attention to a higher voltage if you should plan a more demanding use of your cordless screwdriver.

    • Number of gears

In some models from the upper price range, two gears are often available to individually regulate the power of the cordless screwdrivers. This makes a lot of sense so that such an option should be available if you call yourself an ambitious home improvement.

    • Drilling diameter

The maximum hole diameter is a key feature when it comes to buying a cordless screwdriver. Thus, this value indicates how large holes to be drilled with the concrete cordless screwdriver can be maximum.

    • Battery pack

When buying a cordless drill, you should always pay attention to the capacity that manufacturers always stated in ampere-hours. The higher the battery capacity, the more energy the battery can store and thus make available for the tool. However, this does not always mean that you can use your cordless drill with a particularly high battery capacity for a long period of time. After all, this also depends on the consumption and the installed engine, which requires different amounts of energy. We recommend that you read some consumer testimonials regarding the range and recharge time of the drills you are most interested in.

    • Torque

Of course, the torque also plays an important role and is specified by the manufacturers in Newton meters. This is the maximum force that the cordless drill can expend to complete the drilling. The greater the torque, the easier it is for you to work. Many manufacturers also integrate gears, which makes it easy to adjust the speed of the cordless drills. This also offers a key advantage for ambitious amateur DIY enthusiasts, because often it is not advisable that you work with the highest speed certain materials and drill here. In the best case, therefore, pay attention to the availability of the various setting options for different torques. Thus, you can then apply the power to your personal task, which you have to master with the cordless drill.

    • Drills and accessories

Most brands that produce high-quality cordless drills also provide the tools with a variety of drills in a comprehensive set. Depending on whether you already have drills that are important to you, you should pay attention to the design of the accessories. In this context also check LED lamps, which many manufacturers of cordless drills also have to offer. This makes working with a cordless drill much easier if you’re struggling with low-light conditions.

    • Other standard elements of these tools

Especially with the cordless screwdrivers, it is also important that a right and left rotation is available for selection. This means that you can set whether you want to insert or remove screws, for example. An indication of the battery capacity and a charge indicator light should also be available and is a basic equipment with most cordless drums, which should not be waived.

    • Volume

The volume probably plays a minor role. After all, a cordless screwdriver is a tool that is not consistently in use. Nevertheless, particularly powerful and therefore noisy devices should use special hearing protection, which should be worn while working. Quite often, high-performance cordless screwdrivers achieve a noise level of just over 80 dB, so you should definitely protect yourself accordingly.

Which cordless drill is best for different applications?

Now that you have read through the overview of the most important equipment features of a good cordless drill, we come to specific applications in which models from different price ranges and with certain characteristics are best suited.

    1.  Cordless drill for a rare screwdriver

If you rarely have to work with a cordless drill, then models from the lowest price range should be sufficient for you. These devices are available from just € 50 for you, with a good example of the cordless drills manufacturer Track life for you, of which we have presented to you earlier in the overview of the best tools some more detail.

Of course, you should always pay attention to sufficient accessories. Finally, you want to use your cordless drill flexible, so that different drills should be available for many different applications.

    1. Cordless drill for hobby craftsmen

As an ambitious handyman, however, you should bet on a brand-name device from the price range up to 100 €. Here you benefit from a powerful engine that offers a very good performance. In addition, the accessories are also quite extensive, which concerns not only the supplied batteries but also the charger, with which you can supply the storage with energy.

    1. Cordless drill for professional craftsmen

Real professionals, however, should necessarily rely on models from the manufacturer Bosch (Professional series), Makita or DeWalt. An attractive torque is also very important in order to achieve the best possible results in all regular applications. The same applies to practical accessories that the supplied toolbox should also have.

Buy cordless drills with or without a punch?

For many craftsmen, there is a question before purchasing a cordless drill, whether this should be selected with or without punch. There are some fundamental differences between these device groups that you should definitely keep in mind.

Classic cordless drills without a hammer should be used exclusively for drilling holes in the materials wood, metal, and plastic. On the other hand, if you have a cordless drill, you can risk harder materials like concrete or stone.

So in advance of the purchase, ask yourself the question for which application the cordless drill should be used. Of course, you can cover the functionality of a standard cordless drill without a blow with a good battery drill, as long as the speed can be regulated with a gearbox.

What should you do if your cordless drill should smoke once?

For high-quality cordless drills, you can usually count on a reliable tool, which rarely needs to be maintained. Nevertheless, this is recommended if the cordless drill should suddenly smell unpleasant or even smoke. In such a case, it may have come to a serious problem that may make reuse of the tool no longer possible.

Often, the unpleasant odor is related to worn carbon brushes that can wear out. The cheaper the cordless drill is, the more limited is often the durability of these models. Frequently, corresponding models can also be repaired again. However, depending on the age, it is recommended that you commit to a new acquisition of a cordless drill. Thus, you may avoid the following repairs and associated costs.

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