10 Best Cordless Hedge: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

Many consumers demarcate their property with a hedge that protects against disturbing glances. With a good hedge trimmer, you can shape these hedges in your garden. Cordless hedge trimmers offer the advantage of flexible application.

But what should you look for when buying a cordless hedge trimmer and which drive types and models are even available for selection? In our buying advice, we answer all these questions!

Enclosed you will also find the 10 best hedge trimmers with a rechargeable battery from the renowned brand manufacturer. In our overview of the top models, we discuss both advantages and disadvantages and compare the most important functions of shrub shears.

10 Best Cordless Hedge

Is there a cordless hedge trimmer test of the Stiftung Warentest?

If you as a consumer attach great importance to the opinion of experts from the magazine Stiftung Warentest, you will find attached some results from the last test of cordless hedge trimmers. This report was published in July 2017 and is therefore still quite up to date. It was found that a total of six out of 15 tested devices performed well with the quality assessment.

Features that the testers complained about were, among other things, short runtimes and the particularly long charging times of the batteries. In addition, it came in the endurance test also to complete failures as well as problems with the change of the Akkus. In general, it was also found that there are already good devices with a battery, which are available for less than 200.

If you are interested in this test of cordless hedge trimmers Stiftung Warentest, you will find here on this site all information.

What do the experts from Gartenmagazin selbst.de say about hedge trimmers with rechargeable batteries?

As the trend is more likely to go in the direction of battery, the garden magazine selbst.de has also carried out a test with a total of 17 different models from two performance classes. In general, the garden experts judged that the level of hedge trimmers is quite high and there can be no shortage purchases for consumers, as far as models revolve around this comparison.

The experts from the garden magazine selbst.de examined hedge trimmers with a battery from the brand manufacturers Black & Decker, Bosch, Dolmar, GARDENA, Hitachi, Ikra, Metabo, Ryobi, and Co. In the areas of hedge trimming, ergonomics, cutting behavior, cutting quality, vibrations, running time, Charging time and security compared. The branded devices in particular performed very well here.

If the results of this battery hedge trimmer test by selbst.de are of interest to you, then simply visit this website of the garden magazine, where you can find more information about this comparison.

These are the test winners of cordless hedge trimmers without cables from the comparison of “house and garden”

The garden magazine ” Haus und Garten ” has also published a comparison of the best cordless hedge trimmers. However, this comes from the May 2012 and is, therefore, a bit outdated. Nevertheless, interesting findings could be collected. Thus, it was found that inexpensive versions of the manufacturer Bosch are well suited and represent just for beginners an optimal alternative compared to the expensive models. Also frequently criticized were the high weight and missing devices for the safety of the user. Here on this page, you will find all the results of this hedge trimmer test.

Cordless hedge trimmer purchase advice: All answers to your questions in the overview!

A well-cut hedge not only ensures that enough shade can be donated. Thus, you can also protect yourself from prying eyes and conveniently demarcate the property. What you should pay attention to when buying a hedge trimmer, you will find in the attached purchase guide, which will definitely help you!

Which application advantages does a hedge trimmer offer?

A hedge trimmer is definitely recommended to work on tall hedges optimally.

These drive types are available for purchase with hedge trimmers to choose from

Cordless hedge trimmers

A hedge trimmer that has a battery offers the advantage of wireless use. There are also electric hedge trimmers especially in comparison to the models, which are equipped with a gasoline engine, quite quiet and do not worry even for the annoying exhaust. If you use such a model, then you do not always have to pay attention to the refilling of gasoline. A fully charged battery, however, is a prerequisite for working with the device in the garden for several minutes. Depending on the size and design of your hedge, you should, therefore, pay attention to the equipment of the hedge trimmer, which is especially true for the battery used and its capacity or charging time. In general, a hedge trimmer with battery so many advantages and is probably the model that should be used for most garden lovers, if the budget is available.

Gasoline Hedge Trimmers

In addition to the cordless hedge trimmers but also garden tools are available, which are equipped with a gasoline engine. These gasoline hedge trimmers are often very powerful, but also quite loud and available at a higher price. So put great emphasis on maximum performance and efficiency, so you do not come around a gasoline powered hedge trimmer. Especially in comparison to the electric models, you also have to expect a higher weight. If you also have filled your gasoline hedge trimmer with enough fuel, then you are always very flexible and with a long range on the way and can work even large and multiple hedges optimally.

Cable hedge trimmers

The wired hedge trimmers are the cheapest models if you compare all common forms of drive this garden tools together. Since these models do not have a battery, you are again a little easier. However, you must of course always make sure that you carry a standard power cable. This cable should therefore always be kept in view to ensure maximum safety. Of course, it also makes sense to use extension cords to increase the range. In terms of performance, however, you have to keep in mind that you’re in the limelight compared to petrol-powered models.

You should reach on average up to twice a year to such a device. In order to keep the hedge in shape, different hedge trimmers are available for selection. Especially cheap are the wired hedge trimmers. Also very popular for some years but the cordless hedge trimmers, the flexible and wireless use ensure for you. As another alternative, you can also opt for a gasoline hedge trimmer, which ensures a higher performance compared to the other drive forms. Nevertheless, you have to calculate with the basic disadvantages that we have put together in the attached overview.

Tips for choosing the right hedge trimmer for your application

Perhaps you are now just the question of which drive the hedge trimmer is best suited for you. Basically, this depends primarily on your preferences regarding the application in the garden. The same applies to the size and number of hedges that you have to work on.

For small hedges, where you only have to ensure the classic cut, you can rely on a wired electric model, which is already available at a low price. For this purpose, but also the cordless hedge trimmers, which we have presented here on this page in detail for you and have compared the best models. For hedges and many hedges to be machined, gasoline powered hedge trimmers can be better suited for you. Of course, always pay attention to the height of the hedges and to a telescopic arm with which the garden tools should be equipped as much as possible. This is especially the case with hedges that have grown more than 3 m. Corresponding models are also available in the area of battery-powered hedge trimmers for you to buy. So if you want to be environmentally aware and want to be on the move wirelessly, then take a look at the hedge trimmers, which are powered by a rechargeable battery.

4 important tips for taking care of your hedge

Taking care of your hedges is easy if you follow some tips and hints. Thus, you will achieve particularly accurate results and can ensure a generally good care cut. Enclosed you will find six important tips that you should definitely keep in mind if you always want to get your hedge always in good shape.

    •  Edit your hedges as early as February

If you select an early cut date in the year, then the shoots of the hedge best tolerate the pruning. This offers the advantage that you can benefit from a beautiful growth until May and maintain the hedge up to this period of the year with particular accuracy. Also, keep in mind that the bird breeding season has not started in February. In this respect, you will not destroy any nests if you already start cutting your hedges in February.

    • Cut your hedges for the second time in June

As the second cut of your hedges, the period in June is recommended. Make sure that a good third of the annual growth persists. It is also important that you do not cut your hedge too hard. Over the remaining months, you can then schedule small grooming sessions for accurate results, and in February of next year, move back to the desired height.

    • Cut your hedges straight

Especially gardening enthusiasts, who do not have too good experiences with cutting their hedges, can often not exactly cut them. For this, it is recommended that you cut an individual guideline and use two sticks that you place in the ground. Also, stretch a string at the desired height and thus ensure a relaxed freehand cut with your hedge trimmer, which makes it possible to realize just cutting results. Always work out of your arms and stay upright with all movements coming out of your back. It is important to always check the current cut, so you will ultimately benefit from straight cut hedges.

    • To close holes and gaps in your hedge

The general appearance of the hedge does not work positively when there are visible gaps. Corresponding blemishes, however, you can easily mend. If it is hardwood or softwood hedges, they can be closed well by providing sufficient exposure. For this, it is recommended that you remove the branches of adjacent trees, which may cast a large shadow over your garden hedge. Check the development of your hedge and take appropriate steps, for which of course your well-equipped hedge trimmer offers the best.


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