10 Best Cordless Lawnmowers: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

Nowadays, it is known to buy numerous electronic devices with a battery. This offers the advantage that products of this type can be used wirelessly and thus very flexible. These include cordless lawnmowers.

With a cordless lawnmower, you work comparatively slowly and can mow especially in gardens with a small lawn. If you are looking for such a battery power, then you will find good models from the brand manufacturers Bosch, Makita or Einhell.

But which wireless battery mowers are really recommended, which are synonymous for a good quality? Enclosed we have summarized the 10 best cordless mowers of the leading manufacturers in an overview, where we not only on the advantages and disadvantages, but also on the test results of various garden magazines and consumer portals, such as the Stiftung Warentest.

10 Best Cordless Lawnmowers

Which cordless mowers were able to prevail in the test of selbst.de?

The gardening and DIY magazine selbst.de has also worked together with the TUV Rheinland with cordless lawnmowers and several models of leading brand manufacturers examined more closely, such as Bosch, Einhell and Co. It was found that only once the best grade ” very good ” could be awarded. A total of six other cordless lawnmowers from this test, however, were rated “good”. In addition, the testers complained at three Akkumähern satisfactory performance.

In the test of the cordless lawnmowers, the experts also examined not only the mowing performance, but also the width of the blade, the cutting quality and, among other things, the safety. If you are interested in the test results, you will find all the results here. Keep in mind, though, that this is a comparison of the cordless lawnmower that was released in March 2015 and is, therefore, a little outdated. It is, therefore, necessary to interpret the test results accordingly, as many manufacturers have brought to date some new products on the market, this review of the cordless lawnmower not treated.

The best cordless lawn mower according to a test of “my beautiful garden”

You may have read the magazine ” my beautiful garden ” once, which is a reference in this segment. In 2018, the editorial staff also took a closer look at many different battery mowers and published the results on their own website.

In general, the cordless mowers have been praised because they roll over the lawn without exhaust gases and therefore represent a good alternative to the loud petrol lawn mowers and similar models. Particularly praised in the test were the cordless lawnmowers from the manufacturer Bosch, which originate from the Rotak series. These included the 430 Li and the 43 Li, which we presented here on this page.

Of course, you can find more details about the cordless lawnmower test on the website of “my beautiful garden”, which we have linked here.

Which cordless lawn mower is best suited according to Stiftung Warentest?

If you attach great importance to the opinion of Stiftung Warentest, you will also find in this section some information about the test results that were published in relation to the cordless mowers in April 2017. In this test of cordless lawnmowers, a total of four models performed well.

Overall, it was found that most cordless lawnmowers have no problem when mowing dry grass. In addition, the models of the manufacturer Einhell were positively emphasized that the supplied batteries can be used in other machines from the range of the brand. This is particularly important in terms of environmental friendliness and resource-saving use and should not be ignored. Here on this page of the Stiftung Warentest, you will find all the details on the comparison of cordless lawnmowers.

What advantages does a cordless lawnmower offer?

If you’re wondering why buying a modern cordless lawnmower is for you, here’s a summary of all the benefits that need to be considered.

  1. The biggest advantage is the maximum flexibility when using a cordless lawnmower. After all, you do not always have to pay attention to a power cable, which is the case, for example, with an electric lawn mower. Thanks to the flexible operation, you do not have to rely on a power outlet that must be located nearby. Under certain circumstances, you save on the purchase of a cordless lawn mower so a weatherproof extension cable or a correspondingly equipped cable drum, which is suitable for use in the garden.
  2. Cordless lawnmowers also produce no exhaust fumes. So you do not have to use oil during maintenance, so you work much more environmentally friendly. In general, battery mowers often work much quieter, which is especially true compared to the powerful gasoline lawn mowers. Also interesting: the robotic lawnmower test
  3. Especially if you attach great importance to the weight and the generally simple operation, then you are often well served with a cordless lawnmower. This is because models of this kind are smaller and lighter. The improved handiness thus offers an advantage, and thanks to the smaller size, it will also be easier to find a parking space in the shed.
  4. Depending on the processing quality of the cut leaves, you can also ensure clearly clean-cut surfaces at a high number of revolutions . Especially with gasoline mowers, you often have to fight with frayed turf tips that do not look good.
  5. Of course, you do not have to start a cordless lawnmower as usual awkward as a gasoline lawnmower. This is therefore also an advantage in terms of general operation since you do not have to pay attention to a pull rope. Instead, it is only necessary that the start button must be pressed. This is done in one go.

Overview of the disadvantages of cordless lawnmowers

Of course, cordless lawnmowers not only offer advantages, but also disadvantages. Compared to lawn mowers, which are wired or equipped with a gasoline engine, the prices for high-quality versions are usually much higher.

for high-quality versions are usually much higher.

  1. In addition, you should always pay attention to the capacity of the supplied batteries. This is, of course, limited and should always be sufficient for a mowing action of your lawn so as not to have to worry about multiple starts, which can be quite a

    Notes: You should be aware of these features and features before purchasing a cordless lawnmower

      • battery capacity

    Of course, the capacity of the supplied batteries plays a crucial role. If this is large, the longer you can put the lawnmower into operation. Frequently, the manufacturers also offer several batteries in a package for purchase. At Einhell, you also benefit from the special feature that you can use the supplied rechargeable batteries in other tools or gardening tools and can, therefore, use them very flexible.

      • lawn

    Earlier, we presented a total of ten different cordless lawnmowers in detail, including the lawn area for which the models or batteries are suitable. However, you should always keep in mind that manufacturers only provide such information under optimal conditions. As a rule, you should expect a smaller footprint if you are about to commit to a cordless lawnmower. If your budget allows, it is also recommended that you commit to a more capacious model that will allow you to really work the lawn safely.

      • Volume from grass catcher

    The included grass catcher, where the mown grass is picked up, also plays an important role and should be chosen according to the area of the lawn you are working on. In the above overview of the ten best cordless lawnmowers, you will find models that score with a box from 30 to over 60 l. So if you want to make rare emptying of this box with the crop, then you decide best for a cordless lawn mower, which has a sufficiently large volume.

      • Cutting width and cutting height

    The cutting width plays a big role as it describes the area you use to work a single run on your lawn. The larger the cutting width, the fewer starts you will need to mow the lawn. With regard to the cutting heights, the manufacturers usually rely on a practical system that can be adjusted with many different levels. So before buying, you should check if the desired grass height is supported by your cordless lawnmower at all. In general, this should always be the case.

    Cordless Lawn Mower FAQ

    What capacity should the battery of a cordless lawnmower have?

    Basically, the capacities of the batteries are specified in mowers in ampere-hours. Of course, this plays an important role in being able to check and compare performance and capacity. The higher this capacity is, the more energy the battery can store and thus convert it into the power available to the lawnmower. If you only want to work in a small garden, a battery capacity of around 2 Ah should suffice. For larger areas, it is important to maximize capacity, and we have presented to you above some models of the various brand manufacturers.

    Important details on the durability of the lawnmower batteries

    If you charge a battery that has a capacity of around 2 Ah, you will generally benefit from a maximum operating time of 20-30 minutes. So check to see if you can edit your lawn within that time and select a model that fits your garden perfectly. If you can still adjust the levels, then you should of course also be clear that the energy is used up much faster. So it may be a good idea for you to buy more batteries that you can use after consuming them.

    Can lawnmower batteries be easily bought?

    Yes! In general, the various manufacturers offer replacement batteries for the lawnmower systems, which can be easily purchased. This is of course also recommended if the general capacity is no longer given, as you have charged the battery, for example, too often. We recommend that you look for compatible batteries in an online shop of your choice or, as an alternative, contact the manufacturer or retailer you ordered your lawnmower for.

    time to consume. A simplification of the application, of course, at least two batteries that you can buy for your lawnmower. Thus, then the charged battery can be replaced to continue the operation, which is really convenient. However, replacement batteries are quite expensive, so you should pay attention to this at the purchase price.

  2. Similar to smartphones, laptops, and devices of this type, which are equipped with a battery, you should, of course, pay attention to the limited life. Most rechargeable batteries used with lawnmowers can usually be recharged up to 1000 times. With each charge, however, the batteries lose power.
  3. In terms of cutting performance, modern cordless lawnmowers in high and wet grass still do not provide as good results as gasoline lawnmowers. So, if you do not manage to care for the lawn on a regular basis and you may not be so flexible, you should also bear in mind that you may be better off with a more powerful petrol lawnmower.



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