10 Best Gasoline Lawn Trimmers: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

With a good grass trimmer, you can do the simple lawn care in the garden. Gasoline lawn trimmers are particularly suitable for larger areas because you thus benefit from a maximum range and a very high performance.

To help you with decision-making in advance of a purchase, we have compiled the ten best gasoline lawn trimmers here on this page. In doing so, we address both advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, in addition to the test reports of the well-known consumer and garden magazines, you will also find an extensive purchase guide that should answer all your questions about petrol lawn trimmers

10 Best Gasoline Lawn Trimmers

Which models should you take a closer look at, according to a grass trimmer gasoline test from Sat.1 magazine?

The Sat.1 magazine has also already dealt with many different lawn trimmers and published a test report on its website. This comparison deals primarily with the different types of drive the grass trimmer, so gasoline, electric and battery. Here you will find below in this purchase advice important tips and tricks that you should pay attention in any case. This is especially important if you are unsure what advantages and disadvantages, for example, the gasoline lawn trimmer for the user. You will find more details about the test of the grass trimmer with a petrol engine, of course, directly on the website of the known from the TV station.

Gasoline Grass Trimmer Purchasing advice: Important information for choosing the right garden tool

With a high-quality gasoline lawn trimmer, you benefit from an effective garden tool, with which you can make use of special power and thus set exactly where conventional lawnmowers reach their limits. This applies primarily to the hard-to-reach areas of the garden, which should not be overlooked if you want to create a generally beautiful picture. But perhaps you now ask yourself which lawn trimmer is best suited for you and what the benefits of petrol models are? Exactly to this, we would like to help you!

Important tips for the gasoline lawn trimmer

If you want to commit yourself to a gasoline lawn trimmer, then you should realize that you have a classic internal combustion engine, which produces a certain volume and exhaust gases. This is not the case with trimmers equipped with an electric motor. In this respect, these are clear disadvantages of models with a gasoline engine. But there are also fundamental advantages that speak for the use of gasoline lawn trimmers. In this context, the available power should be mentioned in the first place.

Thanks to the horsepower of the installed gasoline engines, you will always benefit from consistently high performance. In addition, with a full tank, you are also quite flexible in your garden and can easily remove the green. You do not have to worry about a cable, but you should also expect that a conventional gasoline lawn trimmer usually brings much more weight on the scales than the comparable models with an electric motor. Furthermore, you do not work with such a grass trimmer so environmentally friendly, as would be possible with another drive. After all, not only do you need oil, but also gasoline, and of course, you produce the exhaust gases already mentioned.

A gasoline lawn trimmer is therefore basically recommended for you if you prefer a garden tool that is characterized by a particularly high performance and should also be used flexibly. The same applies if you would like to work independently from the mains and want to make use of the maximum range. In such a case, you should then immediately commit to a gasoline-powered fine blanked, where you can get corresponding models in the lower price range from just € 100. On the other hand, if you invest a larger sum, you can count on higher-quality workmanship and a larger range of accessories, which is especially the case with the multi-tools from AL-KO and Co.

These forms of gasoline lawnmowers are available to choose from?

    • Entry-level petrol lawn trimmer for hobby gardeners or allotments

Especially for gardeners who have to work a small area, the cheap gasoline lawn trimmer from the entry-level segment is recommended. Thus, you already get a well-equipped model that is suitable for solid lawn care. Starting from 100 € corresponding models are available for you, which are also characterized by inexpensive thread bobbins and therefore also in the long-term maintenance cost. 1-horsepower engines also provide sufficient power on these models.

However, you also have to expect disadvantages. Especially cheap petrol lawn trimmers have a rather high weight and thus do not necessarily ensure that the most comfortable working is supported. However, if you have no physical problems and are available straps that relieve the shoulder, then you can safely access to such a device from the entry-level class.

    • Brush cutters

So-called brush cutters are equipped with a steel knife or a plastic version compared to the classic gasoline lawn trimmers.. Accordingly, no nylon threads are used. These knives offer the benefit of maximizing performance while maintaining good longevity. The knives, therefore, make the lawn to be mowed much faster and less complicated, making it both easier for you to work with and time-saving.

As an important disadvantage in connection with the brushcutter to mention that the cost of replacement blades are of course higher than for bobbins from the entry-level class. In addition, you have for a well-equipped brushcutter, of course, also reach deeper into the purse, as a higher purchase price compared to the gasoline lawn trimmer is due. However, if your property is larger and you want to work more comfortably, then such a model is definitely better suited for you than a grass trimmer from the entry-level class.

    • free tailor

As a brushcutter, however, are described particularly powerful gasoline lawn trimmers whose engines make between 2 to 5 hp. Particularly for professional users who need to eliminate the weeds as conveniently as possible and also have to work in a large area, appropriate explanations to make work easier in any case recommended.

With a well-equipped brushcutter, you can always operate flexibly, provided you have a large tank for gasoline and this is filled accordingly. However, you also have to pay for a well-equipped model a higher price, with the overall safety compared to a low-priced petrol lawn trimmer from the entry-level class also leaves much to be desired. However, if you have appropriate safety equipment, this, of course, is not a problem for you. However, we advise you to use the brush cutter unconditionally correctly and to set safety standards.

    • Multi Tools

There are also garden tools that you can use for many different functions using the appropriate components. Here on this website, we have also introduced you to such a multitool in more detail, which you may use as a classic lawn trimmer, hedge trimmer, and pruners.

Of course, these models are available at a high price, but they have the advantage that many garden tools are available in only one part, saving you money compared to purchasing them separately. You can also benefit from another advantage: with a multitool, you save a lot of space in your tool shed compared to buying many different garden tools that offer the same functions. So if you have a small space problem, so you simply opt for such a multifunction device, which usually scores with a very good performance.

Which equipment features play a central role in petrol lawn trimmers?

  • power

If you are not sure which gasoline lawn trimmer is right for you, first check the performance of the installed engines. This is usually stated in kW or PS. It is also important that you pay attention to the speed. This then indicates the revolutions of the thread or knife per minute. In general, keep in mind that all of the petrol lawn trimmers featured on this page have sufficient power that is well-suited to classic gardens. However, there are also fundamental differences, which is especially the case with multitools.

  • working width

The cutting width specifies the dimensions of a gasoline lawn trimmer, which you edit with one pass. The higher this value is, the larger the area you can work with your gasoline lawn trimmer.

  • shoulder

You should also pay attention to the ergonomics. To match this, many manufacturers integrate appropriate safety or shoulder straps for the petrol lawn trimmers, which should be available. In this context, you should also pay attention to appropriate handles that ensure optimal guidance of the garden tool for you.

  • Mass

Especially light gasoline lawn trimmers are recommended. These devices often only weigh between 5 and 6 kg. However, most models often weigh in at over 8 kg, which is not to be underestimated if you wear these trimmers over their shoulders for a long time and work on the lawn. Be sure to think about the weight of gasoline lawn trimmers, which is especially important if you have physical disabilities or similar.

  • Noise

As a rule, all gasoline lawn trimmers produce a lot of noise and at least 85 dB when they are in the switched-on mode. Therefore, it is important to be aware of local conditions and the neighborhood before using your gasoline lawn trimmer. However, if you place a particularly high value on a quiet working noise, then maybe a grass trimmer comes into question for you, which can be operated by power cord or battery. You can read our reviews of the cordless grass trimmer and electric lawn trimmer carefully.

Are there alternatives compared to the petrol lawn trimmer?

Of course, you should deal with the various drives to commit to a concrete lawn trimmer. It is also important that you think of pruning shears that always perform well in a motorized version. These models are therefore a very good alternative, with which you can also proceed effectively as with a gasoline lawn trimmer. Of course, this is only the case if the area of the lawn to be worked on is limited.

Safety Clothing

If you would like to prevent injuries, then you should also pay attention to the appropriate protective clothing when using a gasoline lawn trimmer and must wear it. So get yourself proper work clothes as well as footwear and goggles.

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