10 Best Massage Chair Consumer Reports: Zero Gravity, Shiatsu, Budget and more

A Massage is always good. There is nothing better to be kneaded after a long day in the office or after sports. But who has the time or the money for a massage therapist or the regular walk to the physiotherapist? Buying a comfortable massage chair can be the solution.

Best Massage Chair Consumer Reports

A modern massage chair is equipped with a technology that allows a partial massage of the body. Different parts of the body are massaged while sitting in the comfortable armchair while relaxing all around.

What is a massage chair?

In a massage chair, special techniques are integrated, by the kneading or vibrating movements of a message to be imitated. This technology is usually built into the armrests, backrest, and seat. Most models are also equipped with air cushions that pump air up and down. Some massage chairs also generate air currents.

In the trade are different massage chairs to obtain. Cheap and simple models usually only generate vibrations and only for the back. More complex models can be used to massage various parts of the body, from shoulders to back to feet and hands.

Mostly it can be selected from a standardized massage program, which can be regulated and controlled via remote control.

Very high-quality massage chairs work with sensors so that a scan is performed before the application. Using scan technology, the body shape, body weight and height are measured, and a massage program is selected accordingly. This allows a need-based massage takes place.

Benefits of a massage chair

A massage chair offers several advantages:

  • This functional piece of furniture can provide daily relaxation, and at the same time the body is treated to a message
  • The relaxing effect reduces stress better
  • Spasms and tension of the musculature are loosened, and thus pain is alleviated
  • Muscle tension can be counteracted at an early stage as the functional piece of furniture is available at home
  • The massages cause an optimization of the lymphatic flow, which has a positive effect on swollen legs through long sitting or standing
  • A pleasant massage leads to the release of endorphins – the so-called happiness hormones.

Buy massage chairs – what should be considered?

A massage chair contributes to the increase in well-being. Whoever puts the main focus on relaxation will be satisfied with the simple models. The vibrating movements provide a soothing and relaxing effect.

If a massage chair is to be purchased for health reasons, models are recommended that offer several massage programs and variants. Also, the intensity and strength of the massage treatments should be individually adjustable.

The following criteria should be respected:

  • Is the massage chair made of a material that allows comfortable lying and sitting?
  • What is the hardness of the model?
  • Does the chair allow itself to be adjusted individually?
  • What functions does the massage chair have? Is there only one type of massage offered or are several types of massage available?
Persons who have been implanted with a pacemaker should pay attention to a massage chair with a medical certificate! In some models, magnets are integrated, which can contribute to the relief of osteoporosis, rheumatism and other complaints. These magnets can affect the performance and function of the pacemaker! It is therefore important to ask before purchasing whether the massage chair is equipped with magnets and whether these magnets can have a negative influence on the pacemaker. There are also magnets that do not damage cardiac pacemakers.

Functions of a high-quality massage chair

Buying a massage chair is a good investment in your health. Such a chair is not only a piece of furniture that serves relaxation, but it contributes to increasing the overall well-being and relaxation of body, mind, and soul. Therefore, it is recommended to opt directly for a high-quality model, which offers several functions. High-quality massage chairs can be recognized by the following features:

  • It can be chosen from various massage techniques. For example, the chair can be adjusted so that only the back, shoulders or neck is massaged. Some units also offer special anti-stress massages or sports massages.
  • Strength and intensity of the message can be regulated individually.
  • Optimal would be an integrated scanning technique so that a needs-based application can be performed.
  • Some models are equipped with sound systems. Musical sounds enhance the relaxation factor.

Whether an expensive or reasonably priced massage chair is purchased, depends on the own needs and requirements of the device. Models with a higher purchase price usually have more features and functions. Also, the material is often better processed and the design more modern. Often the very cheap massage chairs are also less robust.

Let’s have a look at more features one should consider when buying a massage chair:

Reclining Chairs

Of course, it is also in a regular (reclining) chair very pleasant. But why settle for less, if you can take a message? While the classic massage chairs are usually only able to massage the back of the relaxation seeker, there are already variants of the modern models, which are considerably more elaborate. The daily relaxation phase is generally very important for humans. Accordingly, it should also be noted that you should leave nothing to chance when choosing a massage chair.

In addition to massage chairs, we have also taken in our institute loungers or armchairs, which are also equipped with a massage function. In any case, it is extremely interesting to know how imaginative and consumer-oriented the market is in this context. While some consumers prefer to just relax in their armchairs or relax loungers and let their spirits soak up their spirits, others simply want to be massaged, caressed and kneaded in a massage chair from the ground up to let. Here are the health aspect and well- being clearly in focus. Certainly, modern and technically sophisticated massage chairs are increasingly found in the private sector, while a TV chair or a lounger is suitable for use in the living room or bedroom, as well as in the office or perhaps even in the conference room. The beauty is in any case: The creative (furnishing) possibilities in this regard are virtually unlimited.

Design and Looks

Incidentally, the new message or relaxation models usually impress with their innovative techniques, the user-friendly massage programs or their high stability, as our expert tests have repeatedly shown. But also regarding design, discerning consumers place great value on quality and innovation. So today you have to make no compromises or compromises when it comes to the decision for a new message or relaxation chair. Because both the appearance, as well as quality and functionality are clearly in focus from the perspective of the manufacturer.

Everyone has different standards of comfort, message quality, design, and functionality when it comes to massage chairs. For this reason, it is even more important to be able to rely on sound analyzes that are consumer-oriented. Complicated formulas, foreign words, and Co. are in the expert reports for the individual product tests in vain. Each test evaluation is characterized by absolute objectivity and a clear and concise conception. Even people who are less well-versed in technical things, will accordingly with our test analyzes get along very well and use them as part of their search for a suitable massage chair. Thus, one may justifiably claim that our massage chair tests are immensely helpful and therefore almost indispensable for the discerning consumer.

How does a massage chair work?

If you sit down on a massage chair and turn it on, you will soon have the feeling that a masseur is inside the device. The fact is that the message procedures are designed in such a way that the back area, the shoulder and other parts of the body are caressed, massaged and kneaded “true to nature.” Of course, no masseur is inside the chair, but rather a sophisticated technology contributes to the fact that a relaxing, partial or large-scale vibration is noticeable.

As pleasant as such a massage chair is, of course, always wondering how it works at all. The operation of massage chairs can be described as special mechanical tools are installed, which lead by turning on the motor to massage-like movements and thus act on the appropriate body parts. Air cushions are increasingly integrated into the massage chairs, which can be inflated and deflated to achieve such massage movements. These integrated mechanisms are located in the backrest and the seat, and increasingly in the armrests, the headrest or the area of the legs. More advanced technologies provide additional air currents very special message applications that can be used more and more targeted. More targeted applications are also made possible by further technical progress.


A massage chair is characterized in particular by the fact that when sitting or lying a massage effect is generated, as they can be carried out for example in the form of targeted kneading or vibration movements with the fingers and hands of an experienced masseur. Here, special tools are integrated into the seats, in the backrest and usually also in the armrests, which move mechanically. Furthermore, mostly individually designed air cushions are included, which can be inflated with air and emptied again. Special technologies – depending on the massage chair – help to generate airflows, so that targeted massage treatments are possible.

Meanwhile, the well-stocked retailer even holds massage chairs that are equipped with individual scanning technologies. This means that certain parts of the body are scanned before the “application” to store body weight, size, and shape information. After such a goal-oriented analysis, it is even easier to perform demand-specific massage programs, so that certain areas in which special kneading or stroking techniques are particularly needed, can be additionally “treated” individually.

Of course, it does not matter which type of massage chair is individually in question. Interestingly, most treatments can be either preset, manually controlled, or regulated by remote control.

Thus, a massage chair – one may justifiably assert this – is an immensely soothing purchase that not only helps to provide relaxation and short-term recovery. But it is even possible to improve the lymphatic flow and increase general well-being.

Consumers who focus on the health aspects are, according to experience, very well advised to opt for modern massage chairs, which have several massage programs as well as various degrees of strength or intensity levels. On the other hand, if you prefer to rest at leisure or simply sit down or lie down comfortably, you can certainly opt for a TV chair or a relaxing lounger. At your option, the well-stocked retailers have ready models with both massage and non-massage functions. How pleasant it can be, now and then a message To treat yourself, you notice, especially if you just tried it.

Those who are not sure, even have the opportunity to test them on the spot with renowned suppliers, or to have an armchair sent home comfortably for about one to four weeks and to be able to test the piece of furniture there. In so far, the services of most providers are quite exemplary. More and more providers offer corresponding possibilities so that it is made easier for the interested consumer to find out more about the desired product.

Health Benefits of a Massage Recliner

At the moment there are massage chairs or loungers that are equipped with a shiatsu massage function. Shiatsu is a Japanese well-being and relaxation method, which is increasingly used in local areas and is now enjoying great popularity. The Shiatsu technique uses special finger pressure techniques, as well as the use of hands and elbows, to provide a message that can be enjoyed even while dressed. An important role in Shiatsu plays, among other things, the so-called TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the first place, it is the stated goal to release blockages and, in the process, to let the life energy flow again. Fact is that congestion, blockages and so on, which can arise from a variety of circumstances, the life energy “inhibit” and thus significantly affect the well-being. With a targeted Shiatsu massage blockage can be solved by special knocking and stroking techniques or completely eliminated so that the life energy can flow uninhibited again. Incidentally, the Shiatsu massage is not only there to address existing blockages, but you can also be treated preventively in this way.

Shiatsu may, therefore, be described as a preventive and at the same time soothing method from Asian medicine, which can lastingly provide for more vitality and improved health. Very tempting and very promising prospects. Therefore, it is all the better to know that for a health-promoting Shiatsu massage, you do not have to resort to the next massage practice, if you have it on the spot. But regarding massage chairs, the industry has such sophisticated products with incredibly promising and helpful technologies that it’s a real pleasure to look around the market and see what the furniture industry has to offer.

Innovative massage chairs not only look very attractive and can even be individually tailored to the design of the existing furnishings. But they are also characterized by some valuable benefits.

The great advantage of such massage chairs is without question, the possibility to place them as a normal armchair anywhere at home and thus at any time if needed to use the massage functions for themselves. There is no need to make an appointment with a masseur or physiotherapist, but you just have to sit down in one free minute, start the message and enjoy the relaxation. It certainly can not be compared to the salutary effect of professional massages, but it nevertheless results in an attractive sense of well-being that you no longer want to do without and thanks to your chair no longer has to. Due to different armchairs, but also their different functions and message types You can choose the relaxation that you feel best for your individual needs.

Here it is important to familiarize yourself with the various applications of massage chairs, which in optimal versions clearly show how versatile this type of massage can be. At the same time, it is also advisable, due to these differences, to pay close attention to what is important to you when making a purchase.

  • A massage chair primarily offers the advantage that you can relax in it and relax. According to many consumers, such a ‘functional piece of furniture is like a’ lawn for sunbathing,’ where people seeking relaxation can rest and be pampered by soothing massages as needed.
  • The relaxation effect of sitting or lying down can help relieve stress, relieve tension and cramps, and even relieve pain in the process. Statistics show that a cramped posture or tensions favor blockages that may cause painful problems. If a massage chair is used as often as possible, it is quite possible to efficiently counteract one or the other “ailments.”
  • There are people who, for various reasons, are not allowed to take messages, for example, due to a surgery that has been overcome due to pregnancy, a skin disease et cetera. In so far, the use of a massage chair is recommended in any case.
  • The invigorating massage can help to improve the vein flow, reduce swelling, for example, in the legs.
  • Did you know that a message can not only improve your well-being but even make you feel good? The fact is that during a message if it is perceived as pleasant, endorphins are released, which can literally “put a smile on your face.”
  • Whether general message or specific “pampering”: Who is in possession of a massage chair, will wish never to have to give up this furniture again because the positive aspects involved speak for themselves.

As multi-faceted as the effect of massage chairs is, it is hardly surprising that these pieces of furniture can no longer be found alone in the home’s living room or wellness salons. But even in shopping malls, they are ready to offer the customers on-site a soothing break. In the face of shopping stress, hustle and bustle in the search for a parking space or in the queues in front of the ticket booths, ready-to-use massage chairs that you can use for little money are indeed real highlights.

How we Tested all the products?

When choosing a massage chair that meets your needs, you should not leave anything to chance. Demanding consumers are in any case well advised, on the one hand, the manufacturer information on the individual devices to inspect and beyond the corresponding customer reviews– if available – check — certainly, such an approach in the age of the Internet. But only a few consumers in this context also aware that paper is known to be patient so that “flowery” advertising promise by no means should always fully believe. Also, it should be noted that even some customer reviews can be a fake. So, there are many good reasons why you should always take our product reports to hand when deciding on a new massage chair. These are characterized by their extensive and very meaningful conception.

Furthermore, the maximum objectivity is always guaranteed. So we examine massage chairs among other things according to the following criteria:

  • First and foremost, comfort and convenience of the massage chair are important. In this regard, especially the material properties play a role.
  • Is the device certified with a medical certificate?
  • How is the degree of hardness ordered?
  • Is the chair individually adjustable?
  • Which functions are included?
  • Which types of massage are offered? (Classic, Roller Massage, Shiatsu?)
  • Is only a manual control possible or can the regulation also be done by remote control?
  • Does the design meet high standards?
  • With what covers is the armchair equipped?

A massage chair is much more than “just” a piece of furniture that is designed to massage certain parts of the body. But you can certainly use this good piece as a reading chair, as a sleeping accommodation or as a “comfort zone” for a cozy TV evening. Your creativity in this regard, therefore, there are virtually no limits.

For a lasting pleasure of the massage chair also other details are of great importance for such a comparison, such as the material of the cover or even the processing and quality of the furniture. Also, the ease of use and handling, as well as the comfort of the armchair, is important, so that you can enjoy the advantages and, above all, the massage experience quickly and easily at any time. Handling then includes the functions of a possibly adjustable backrest and footrest and possibly by automatic means. Also, the degree of possible adjust-ability is an important factor for comparison, in which some chair can have a backrest adjustment of about 120 – 170 degrees.

The massage experience and the different variants are of course a particularly crucial argument for and against a massage chair and thus indispensable in our test. Observations such as a look at existing types of massage are the focus of such a comparison. We look at the juxtaposition, which of the variants of knocking, kneading and roll massages are possible. Massage chairs are becoming more and more common, allowing the famous shiatsu massage or separately adjustable air pressure massages.

Experience has shown that the purchase of a massage chair is always a long-term oriented matter. That’s why it’s all the more important to “think carefully” from the beginning on the search for a suitable device. So our professionally designed product reports are essential to support. given the stress and hectic rush in private or professional life, who has the opportunity to spend too long researching a specific product? A good reason in any case, to use our analysis as a valuable decision-making aid.

Important Functions in a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are primarily intended for relaxation and “feeling good”. But if you want a really high-quality device, you should know that massage chairs today are able to “do more” than what is generally expected of them. In any case, the beneficial effects that can be achieved in the course of an extensive massage, always impressive again. Relaxed muscles and a good mood are as good as preprogrammed.

Modern massage chairs are usually equipped with these features:

  • Different massage techniques are included. For example, depending on the device, you may have the “agony of choice” between a classic back, neck and shoulder massage, a special sports massage or an anti-stress treatment. There are also massage chairs that allow you to be pampered with stimulation massages or relaxation massages.
  • Many devices have a Shiatsu feature.
  • The vibrations or their intensity can be adjusted individually.
  • Mostly special sound systems are included. Depending on the chair model, the musical sounds can be adapted to the massage or stimulation rate as needed.
  • Optimal designed armchairs adapt to the respective body shapes.
  • They can regulate different strengths and frequencies, which can be controlled manually or remotely.
  • Depending on the physical constitution, it may be advisable to focus on including a single-seated and disembarkation aid.
  • The seating or lying area can be moved in and out.

The creativity of the manufacturers are obviously almost unlimited in terms of functionality. But as the experience makes clear again and again, not every function is equally useful for the user. So decide in advance as to which functions would be suitable for you and which not. Optionally, modern models may include additional features.

Of course, not only the functionality of a massage chair is important, but also the material nature. If the case of a device is susceptible to interference due to its quality, it is important to bear in mind that the mostly very complex techniques are easily accessible. If this is not the case, maintenance or repair can be particularly expensive because under certain circumstances even the upholstery can be separated and then laboriously sewn again.

How much does it cost?

Anyone who has had the opportunity to relax in a massage chair and to be massaged while relaxing will soon wish to enjoy this luxury again soon. For example, in shopping malls or in spa centers, it is increasingly possible to simply take a ten-minute break in between and take advantage of a soothing neck or back massage. Clear that this will arouse the desire to be able to use such a device in your own home. Many good reasons in any case, which speak in favor of looking for such a piece of furniture.

Expensive vs.Cheap

However, it is difficult to give a flat rate price. Because, depending on the supplier or with regard to quality, material processing, functionality, features, design and so on, the costs incurred in the purchase vary considerably according to experience. Of course, you have the opportunity to get a massage chair for less than 200 euros. When purchasing these low priced models, make sure that the necessary stability and adequate material processing are guaranteed. It should also be taken into account that not every reasonably priced massage chair is equally suitable for everyone. Particularly heavy or full-bodied people do well with regard to the stability of the model, it is good for a higher chair to decide. Often it is necessary for massage chairs from the low price segment that they are partially broken down into their individual parts upon delivery, so first of all once a time-consuming and often nerve-wracking assembly is announced.

May it be a little more?

High-quality, sturdy and feature-packed massage chairs in the mid-range range with 500 to 1,500 Dollars to book. For comparison, take a seat in a very reasonably priced and afterwards in a higher quality massage chair. For sure you will immediately feel a difference in comfort, stability, grip and comfort. Not to mention a higher number of massage techniques that you can experience in a more expensive device.

Of course, the “creativity” of the manufacturers are set with regard to the pricing almost no limits. It is indeed easy to find massage chairs that cost 6,000 euros, 8,000 euros or more. The sometimes considerable price difference is also noticeable, for example, in that said luxury models are equipped, for example, with innovative float technology, that the Shiatsu points can be automatically detected by the integrated sensor or that, for example, a shoulder positioning feature is included. What one demanding gimmicks are for the other long-awaited luxury that you should definitely treat yourself. And so you are spoiled for choice. Luckily, our in-depth product reviews help you make the most of your decision-making.

Internet VS Local Retailer?

The demands on massage chairs are high. Accordingly, the manufacturing companies are required accordingly. And indeed, they always manage to surpass the rising expectations of quality-conscious consumers. In general, however, many consumers are asking themselves whether it makes more sense to buy massage chairs in well-stocked local retailers or to search the world wide web.

The benefits that local retail has to offer are obvious:

  • a good advice
  • Local closeness, which makes sense if a lack of massage chair occurs
  • direct, personal contact
  • Products can be inspected and inspected directly in the shop

In fact, retailers can even cost a lot to keep up with the demands of the clientele. So he has to regularly keep new products in stock on site, which is associated with a significant cost. Rental expenses, staff costs and so on have to be borne. After all, the branch employees want to be paid and the premises to be financed. The catch is that just this financial expense is passed on directly and without delay to the customer. This means that a massage chair, which is bought in the local specialty store, is often considerably more expensive than an online store product. Some of them are exposed to completely different conditions, so that the saved costs can also easily be passed on to the consumer. In so far, this is already a very significant aspect that speaks for the online purchase.

Anyone who believes that an online purchase would require personal or individual advice would be wrong. More and more providers are offering their site visitors the opportunity to contact specialist consultants either via a free hotline number or via an online chat.

Online purchases are trendy

Considering the fact that service, competence and a high product quality are important not only in the specialist shop on site, but also with online retailers, online efforts are always made to ensure maximum service and comfort when purchasing a massage chair. As a customer, you can conveniently test the piece of furniture you are looking for at home for several days or weeks. A free delivery and pickup (if not satisfied) is usually included.

If you consider that all these services and the most excellent advice to have for free and score the massage chairs by a relatively low purchase price, then it is not surprising that the number of online customers increases almost continuously.

History and Facts about Massage Chairs

First of all, it is interesting to look at the origins and history of massage chairs. Where did this idea come from and how was it developed? If you take the massage chair as a piece of furniture, which was designed for relaxation, the origins go back to antiquity. Already at that time, there were especially for the rich special and above all swinging couches as seats, which served the relaxation. While these pieces of furniture, as predecessors of the massage chair, may have been a little too far-fetched, they were made at the beginning of the 19th century Seating furniture and here also rather armchairs developed, which were extremely comfortable and relaxing and were mostly to be found in hotels or social rooms, later also in richer households.

These armchairs have been progressively developed. As a result, more and more was done for a relaxing well-being as part of the upholstery. A very special and well-known chair was the so-called wing chair, which was not only suitable for sitting and relaxing, but was also ideally suited to simply drop and sleep. In the mid-19th century, technical advances made for the first armchairs with ergonomic shapes that made seating more comfortable and also made it possible to bring such seating into reclining positions and, thanks to the foot sections, to be able to lift the legs comfortably at any time. In addition, there were also the first variants with built-in mechanisms that produced a certain vibration as a massage.

The pioneers of today’s massage chairs are the Japanese, who designed and produced the first of these chairs in the 1960s. Accordingly, Japanese households also have the highest proportion of these pieces of furniture worldwide. In 1980, the production of massage chairs began in Singapore, before the Chinese industry produced these pieces of furniture. These three countries are today among the largest and leading producers, especially for Asian markets, where the purchase of such relaxation aids is the order of the day. Due to the growing demand all over the world, the production and the number of manufacturers are increasing. More and more emphasis is placed on new developments, so that the massage chairs are always relaxing, effective and restorative.

With all the information collected on this site, there are so many facts that you could put any info here again. At this point, we limit ourselves to listing interesting numbers around the topic of massage chairs. So the 1960s count as the number for the development of the first massage chairs, as we know them today. This first production took place in Japan at that time.

Japan also forms the basis of another amazing figure, because there is a massage chair in most households compared to the rest of the world. About 20 percent of the world’s massage chairs are said to be in Japanese households.

The prices for massage chairs are also paying, which shows above all the large differences that exist in this area. So armchairs can be bought with simple massage movements for just a few hundred euros. But when it comes to massage chairs, which have all the massage functions and a very high quality, the prices can quickly rise to 5,000 euros or even more. These figures show very clearly that before such an investment, it is important to deal exactly with this issue.

Important in the case of these prices is the agreement of a guarantee. As a rule, traders usually automatically extend the two-year warranty to three years. Sometimes there is also a five-year warranty, which can be very useful, even if it comes only after years to problems with the mechanics or other defects.

Before you strike with an attractive massage chair and make this purchase, you should also deal with the numbers around size and weight. After all, you want to be able to move the chair and, above all, it has to fit its dimensions where you want it. So you have to consider that massage chairs can reach a length of 130 to 150 centimeters even in a sitting position. In the lying position, they are even brought to about 190 centimeters to over 2 meters long, so this space must be planned necessarily. From the width, the chairs always move in a usual range of about 75 centimeters. In terms of weight you have to expect numbers between 60 and 120 kilograms, which makes a big difference, but of course, also depends on the integrated possibilities. Heavier is not so bad, you just have to set up in advance on such a weight.

Anyone who attaches great importance to the operating costs should also become familiar with the corresponding performance of the massage chair. You will find that this power normally ranges between 170 and 200 watts, although this should not be the criterion for deciding whether to opt for or against a massage chair.


Massage chairs contain a lot of important information that is important or simply interesting. There are often a number of questions, especially those who are about to choose a massage chair. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions listed and answered.

Can massage chairs be cleaned properly?

Massage chairs are very easy to clean and do not require any special cleaning. Especially by the use of leather or artificial leather normal cloths or in case of stains and moist disinfectant wipes to make the chair dust-free, dirt and germ-free. In addition, standard leather cleaners such as conditioners or moisturizers can extend the shelf life of the material. However, it is always sufficient in all cases to swipe briefly over the chair to achieve an excellent result.

Does a massage chair have to cost a lot?

The question of the price of a massage chair always depends on the equipment, the quality and the existing massage functions. Whether a massage chair must be expensive, decides in particular your own taste or personal needs. So there are cheap variants that contain only basic functions of the massage, for some but are completely sufficient to feel comfortable in it. Then there are the more expensive variants, which are massaged at the level of masseurs and physiotherapists and (above all) used for medical needs. Helpful in deciding whether a massage chair is cheap, expensive or even too expensive, are in any case comparisons like our test of the different massage chairs. Often one finds when buying on the Internet, the desired models cheaper than it is the case in the local dealer. Use the information here on the way to a massage chair, which has an optimal price-performance ratio for its functions.

What are the different applications of massage chairs?

With the large number of different massage chairs, it is not surprising that they are also equipped for different or different applications. Unquestionably the massages which positively influence the back are usual. But there are also variants that also include the head, the neck, the arms, the legs (upper and / or lower leg) or the hip in the massage programs. Here it is always important to decide in advance which areas are important to you. Interesting are the massage chairs with the so-called Bodyscan, which scans the body and adapts its massage to individual needs.

In which country do massage chairs come from?

The origin of the massage chairs in their present form in Japan, where even today most households are equipped with such products. Later, Singapore and China also went into production before increasing demand led to the production of massage chairs worldwide and especially in Europe.

What if the remote control or engine is defective?

The massage functions are closely linked to the engine, the corresponding mechanisms and, in most cases, the remote control. If there is a defect somewhere and the massage does not work or does not work properly, you should contact the dealer, because long-standing guarantees usually cause the armchair to be repaired or replaced. With an expired warranty, however, one can also assume that there is always the appropriate spare parts to provide, so that the armchair is really long term to an attractive and helpful joy.

Is an online purchase useful without being able to test the chair?

The online purchase of a massage chair has the advantages of being able to look at a variety of armchairs from home and to pick his favorite. At the same time, a consultation can be enjoyed via a free hotline or the chat, if you want to express certain questions and wishes. Often, however, the disadvantage mentioned is the fact that you have no opportunity to test the chair. Many vendors control this by delivering the chair free of charge to the interested party so that they can test it in peace and quiet. if satisfied, the corresponding purchase is completed. If you do not like it, the chair will be picked up again free of charge. Thus, the online purchase makes sense, because a test is just possible. Apart from this new service, the usual right of return would always exist anyway.

Is there the best massage chair available?

Often the question is asked, which is the really best massage chair. Honestly, it must be said that the one best chair does not exist. For example, our comparison can test different armchairs and achieve a total score that will make a comparison winner. However, this comparison test winner wins by a comparison of many factors, of which he may not be the best at one or the other property or even does not possess some functions. The wide variety of possibilities ensures that each chair has other advantages. At the same time, every user of a massage chair has different needs, so the best armchair for one might not make any sense to another.

Is there the best manufacturer of massage chairs?

When it comes to the question of the best manufacturer, there is just as little a blanket answer as to the question of the best massage chair. There are many excellent providers such as inada, alpha techno, asisam or even keyton. All are in the service of the customer and want to develop the perfect massage chair for everyone. but since the requirements and needs of the customer are different, each manufacturer will meet these needs differently. Thus, it is important to find the massage chair that best suits your own ideas and then you may decide for yourself that the manufacturer of this chair is the best for you.

Which types of massage do the chairs offer?

An important feature to be considered in comparison is the presence or number of possible types of massage. For example, there is the Shiatsu massage, which provides a pleasant effect with the pressure on the acupressure points. Then there is the kneading massage, which kneads with the different movements of the air cushion on the body and stimulates the blood circulation. The tapping massage imitates the tapping movements of the masseur or the physiotherapist in the back area, resulting in a huge relaxation. The roll or stretch massage massages the spine. The intervertebral discs are relieved and strengthened at the same time, in which the fluid of the body can reach back into the intervertebral discs due to the parallel stretching of the spinal column.

Ultimately, a high-quality massage chair also makes comfort noticeable: In a higher-quality model, it is simply more comfortable and convenient to sit in than in a low-priced model.

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