10 Best Cordless Grass Trimmers: Reviews and Buying Guide (2018)

If you look at the front yard of your house, then this should always be well maintained and have clear outlines of green areas. But clean-cut edges are often not possible with normal lawn mowers. However, the better it is that you can use a cordless grass trimmer to counteract this and ensure a neatly tended lawn.

Nowadays, you can count on many different Cordless Grass Trimmers, all of which offer the benefit of wireless operation. However, the price range is quite extensive, so that many gardeners ask the question, which model should now best be purchased.

Matching this we have attached the 10 best cordless grass trimmers of the top brands with all the advantages and disadvantages. We also go into the reviews of the garden magazines and answer in our buying guide all your questions about the handy to use cordless grass trimmers.

10 Best Cordless Grass Trimmers

The best lawn trimmer with the battery according to the test of my beautiful garden

The magazine “my beautiful garden” also deals at regular intervals with tools and garden tools. In a comparison of the grass trimmers, which are operated with a rechargeable battery, together with the TUV Rheinland, a total of twelve models of different brands were subjected to a practical test. This test took place in July 2017.

As a test winner in the field of cordless grass trimmers, the garden magazine distinguished the STIHL FSA 45 model. The experts praised the always clean cut, which was ensured with a high-quality plastic knife. In addition to this model but could also convince a lawn trimmer made by Makita.

If you are interested in the test results from this comparison of lawn trimmers, you will find all the information on the website of “my beautiful garden”.

Cordless grass trimmer test at the NDR consumer magazine

The public TV broadcaster in NDR also operates a consumer magazine. Here, several cordless lawn trimmers were examined in June 2018, the TV station has set not only on the classic brand appliances from the hardware store, but also on much cheaper models, which are often offered by discounters for sale.

In terms of volume, all of the tested grass trimmers were convincing. Thus, between 72 and 75 dB were measured during operation. Compared to a grass trimmer, which is equipped with a gasoline engine, for example, so these are quite low volumes. Not infrequently, such a model can reach up to 100 dB.

Further details on this test of the grass trimmer, the TV station NDR has carried out together with two professional gardeners, you can read more on this website.

Which results emerge from the battery trimmer test of selbst.de?

The popular DIY magazine selbst.de has also dealt with battery trimmers and published a comparison. Here it could be stated that with some of the models of the brand manufacturers Bosch, GARDENA as well as Ikra and Makita it is no problem to mow even smaller lawns. However, the general mowing picture leaves much to be desired.

In the test of the cordless lawn trimmer, the ergonomics was taken under closer scrutiny. The same applies to the topics assembly, surface section as well as running time, rough cut and safety. Only one of the examined grass trimmers was rated “very good”.

For eight other devices awarded the test experts the verdict “good” and three others only the rating “satisfactory”. If you are interested in the detailed results from this comparison of the best battery trimmers, you will find here all results for free retrieval.

Cordless lawn trimmer Purchase advice: Everything important to the practical garden tools!

Surely you also know the following scenario: You work with your lawnmower for hours of your own lawn and then realize that especially at edges and boundaries still weeds and leftover stalk stand. Of course, you can now manually remove these with a pair of pruning shears or, instead, use a modern cordless lawn trimmer. Thus, the whole thing is done in seconds, if you already have a fully charged battery.

Compared to a conventional electric lawn trimmer with power cable, you are particularly flexible and work very quietly, which is not the case with a gasoline lawn trimmer, for example. If you are interested in a brushcutter, make sure that you can optimally work on your front yard or other lawns.

Overview of the most important features of a cordless lawn trimmer

In the run-up to a purchase decision, it is, of course, important that you inform yourself about the different requirements and characteristics of such a technical device, such as a cordless grass trimmer. After all, you should buy exactly the gardening tool that is really suitable for your applications. We have attached a few important topics in an overview that you should definitely pay attention to in terms of the features of the battery trimmer.


As a rule, today all manufacturers of cordless grass trimmers rely on a lithium-ion battery. This technology is reasonably priced and offers adequate capacity so you can work with your battery trimmer on the lawn for several minutes. Basically, the power of the built-in motors amounts to 30 to 80 W. Of course, this means that you benefit from a maximum wattage of a maximum performance and the mowing or mowing blades are driven much faster. So put great emphasis on performance, then be sure to pay attention to the wattage, which specifies the manufacturers of cordless grass trimmers in the specifications.

Battery capacity of the brush cutter

Each battery has a certain capacity. If this is used up, then you can no longer use the electronic device to which the energy store is connected. This is not only the case with smartphones and laptops but also with grass trimmers, which are equipped with a battery. Because of this, it always makes sense to check the battery capacity of the garden tools you are considering before making a purchase decision. You may be reaching for a model where you can only work 20 minutes with a fully charged battery. In such a case, however, if you know that you have a large area to work with, this cordless grass trimmer is generally not suitable for you.

As a further note, you should be aware that many manufacturers, such as the Einhell brand, are bringing universal battery systems market. The batteries of these brands can then be used in many other gardening tools and tools, so you can benefit from a flexible use and can take a specific battery for many different electronic devices.

Duration of a full charge

The charging time depends largely on the capacity and availability of the quick charge function. If such a modern charger is available from the manufacturer for you, you can expect a charging time of just under an hour. Then you have a running time of roughly 30 minutes, so you can work well enough with the cordless grass trimmer.

Working width

The specification of the cutting or working width is also relevant. The higher this value is, the larger the area you can edit. Basically, this means for you that with a maximized cutting width you can effectively mow much more area in less time with your cordless grass trimmer.


Many manufacturers today attach great importance to the ergonomic design of their garden tools, which of course is also the case with cordless lawn trimmers. Accordingly, the brands integrate adjustable telescopic handles and correspondingly equipped spars, as well as additional second handles, which enable always safe guidance for the user. The ease of use should, therefore, be given in any case.

Ease of use

In this context, you must also pay attention to a rotatable cutting head, with which you can easily realize the cutting edge so that the lawn looks really good in steep areas of your garden. Furthermore, a jogging automatic should be available, so that you can extend the cutting line of the cordless grass trimmer with just the touch of a button. Corresponding models are also available for purchase with a fully automatic system solution.

Cutting tool

For most of the cordless grass trimmers presented on this page, nylon threads are used as cutting tools . But there are also models from Bosch that have a classic steel knife that you can use to cut the thickest stalks on your lawn. Of course, you always have to individually adjust a classic nylon cutting line to guarantee the best possible mowing result. Of course, this is not necessary with a commercially available knife system.


The less weight your selected cordless grass trimmer brings to the scale, the better the ease of use for you. Make sure you pay attention to the weight and take advantage of this technology, that you often have to lug around several kilograms, especially with devices with a gasoline engine and always produce exhaust gases and a high volume in operation.


The volume we have already mentioned in the paragraph above. Basically lawn trimmers with batteries are usually very quiet. Nevertheless, some models reach up to 90 dB, so you have to pay attention, among other things, to the EU regulation on compliance with noise levels. This is especially the lunch and night’s sleep.


For maximum safety, many manufacturers of the Cordless Grass Trimmer incorporate additional grips or also provide practical safety goggles that you should wear while working on your garden. It is also recommended that you rely on safety footwear.

Which cordless grass trimmer is best for your specific lawn?

Now that you know the features you need to find the right trimmer for your lawn, it’s important to choose the right model for your individual garden. Just take note of the selection of tips and advice that will help you to find just the right gardening tool.

  •  First, you should check the growth of the lawns. If you primarily have a classic lawn that is delineated with beds and walls, then a cordless grass trimmer with nylon threads will do just fine for you. However, if you are often struggling with hedges and lots of weeds, then a battery trimmer with a classic knife is more suitable for you.
  • Depending on the size of the lawn you are working on, it is also advisable to buy a second battery. If a battery is empty, you can simply replace it with the fully charged version and thus continue to work comfortably without having to take a long break, which is scheduled for the loading time.
  • When choosing a rechargeable battery lawn trimmer, you should also make sure that you have a manufacturer’s battery system for you, where you can conveniently use the batteries in many different devices. Thus, you are then wireless with all your garden tools on the road and can use the battery of the trimmer universal.

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