Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod apk + OBB 1.2, Unlock all Heroes for Free

Who doesn’t want to become an emperor and rule a whole empire? It is one of the best strategy games for those who love to build an empire and rule over it by fighting with others and conquering more empires. It is a game based on your strategy. If a good strategy is used, then you can be a ruler of the whole state. Suppose you want to be an emperor of a state that is being captured by other rulers. You have to maintain the decorum of your state and fight with others to make your empire safe from all such harms. Failing which can put you in a lot trouble and you can lose your whole kingdom.

This game has a lot of special characters, and each one is special. Every single character has its characteristics and capabilities, which differs them from each other. Therefore, it depends upon your strategy and thinking that which character will prove helpful in defense and which one can help you in conquering another kingdom. It is your army and your strategy of attacking and defending which will help you in saving your kingdom from being captured and capturing the kingdom of other players.

It is a multiplayer based game, and you can play with your friends and family by an internet connection.  This game can be easily find on google play store, and it is supported on maximum of all Android handsets.

Theme of the game:-

The main theme of the game is that there is a special kind of wizard character named as Vez’nan in the game who is considered as the most powerful. Therefore, you as a player in this game will have to fulfill all the plans of the wizard by using all of his army. You will have to attack other enemies who are trying to conquer the empire and are willing to rule over your empire. It will be your duty to train your army to combat all sorts of attacks from the enemies. This game depends upon your strategy. The stronger your strategy is the more chances you have to win the game.

Salient Features of Kingdom Rush Vengeance:-

Now we will be discussing about the features of this games, which makes this game different from all other such strategic games. These features makes this game more interesting and will give you a pleasant experience while playing the game.


If you are a thrilling person who likes to face different challenges then yes this game is for you. It lets you face different challenges in the gameplay, which can be fulfilled only by a good and valid strategy. This thing makes the game more interesting.

Friendly user interface:-

This game has a friendly user interface, and it is very much easy to understand the controls of this game. Everything is guided in a very good way so that the user do not have to face any difficulty while playing the game. This feature makes this game more popular over all other such games available on the store.

Characters with super powers:-

This game has different type of animated characters, which have a special superpower of their own. These powers make the characters different from each other. Each character is then defined its duty which is to be performed by him. These superpowers help you in combating with your enemies. The main strategy here is the use of these characters in an appropriate way. It depends upon your thinking and strategy that where and when to use these characters and their relevant superpowers.

Tower defense:-

As this game is based on warfare. So just like in the real warfare, towers are made to save the empire from all sorts of attacks and harms.  This game includes different styles of towers and walls, which you can use to make the defense of your empire more strong. These towers are available in different shapes and sizes, and you can use them as per your gaming mindset.

Hidden Secrets and fun stuff:-

This mysterious feature of the game makes the gameplay more interesting. At different stages, you will find different hidden secrets and mystery boxes that will help you in your warfare during the gameplay. They can be power-ups, life or any such thing that will help you in combating with your foes.


This feature of the game enables you to upgrade your army by training them with special skills and powers. There are different types of upgrades, which you can buy, from the money collected during the gameplay. Upgrades are required increase your level and to become more popular. Each level has its kind of challenges and achievements. To reach the highest level, it is required that you have a strong, trained army with a team of best powerful heroes and a strong tower defense. Only then, you can reach at the top level of the game.


Kingdom Rush Vengeance comes up with many bonuses. You can get these bonuses by scoring good points in the game. These bonuses can be anything like upgrades, superpowers or special characters. In addition to this, you can also get different trinkets and artifacts that will help you in improving your skills in the game. These jewels like in other games are given in the end of a mission or the mystery boxes. You can collect all these jewels to make your game strong and can get your missions completed easily.

Offline support:-

The best part of this game is that it comes up with an offline support by which you can enjoy playing your games if there is no internet or Wi-Fi connection. This thing makes the game more interesting and valuable.

It’s a game packed with tons of features. This game is worth its price and can make you enjoy all the features of this game including the graphics, gameplay, and music. You will love playing this game.

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