Determine ring size – three ways to the right piece of jewelry

It’s always the same problem: we want to buy a charming new ring or tell our partner subtly that we would like to wear something nice and new on our finger – but then we do not know which ring size is actually the right one.

But not only the loved one can not give a ring, not even we ourselves can treat ourselves to something beautiful from the online shop, without annoying return and exchange. Without ring size no matching ring.


Fortunately, the solution to this problem is quite simple: There are three different ways to determine your own ring size. With a string, a comparison ring or a ring template from the jeweler, you can quickly determine their individual size. That’s how it works:

Method 1: The twine

Wrap a thread around your finger where you want to wear the ring later. Measured at the widest point, corresponding to the knuckle. Pull the thread very tightly, since the ring is finally worn on the finger root, which is slightly thinner than the ankle. At the point where the thread ends overlap, they cut the yarn through. Now the thread can be measured. The length in millimeters then corresponds to your ring size.

Method 2: The diameter

If the first method means too much ‘frills’ for you, then you can also determine your ring size with an existing piece of jewelry. Just measure the diameter of your favorite ring. The millimeter value that is displayed on the ruler then only needs to be multiplied by a factor of 3.14. The result corresponds to your ring size.

Method 3: The template

But it is even easier. Many jewelers provide a ring template online. With the ring size can easily be found out alone. The template just needs to be printed and cropped. For this purpose, the paper is kinked in the appropriate place, so that only half circles in different sizes are cut. Then you can put your finger through the holes cut out and quickly recognize which circle your finger fits easily. The corresponding size is indicated under each circle.

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