GameToAid Impressions

  1. 2 years ago

    Hey guys, seeming as the marathons visit, care to share thoughts about the marathon on this thread? :P
    Maybe think of some stuff that they could improve/add to the next marathon :D (First conversation :D)

  2. Toby

    Jul 26 Administrator

    Good idea! I would like some feedback on what you guys all thought of this marathon compared to our previous ones, and anything we could do to improve.

    In particular, did you like the webcam, and having everyone "on chat" rather than just one person? I'm not so sure about it as it created more situations in which people were trying to talk over each other and there were multiple conversations going on at the same time.

  3. I really liked the webcam. Chat didn't bother me much, it seemed to work out fairly well (as long as there weren't too many people in the gaming room trying to answer questions) :)

  4. I liked the webcam thing. And chat was ok too, it didn't bother me much. The contests were great as well. The lag may have caused some confusions with some people. And there needed re-enforcement of haikus! XD Maybe a different and more broad topic would be good for the next marathon. Maybe via request?

  5. Oh yeah! I liked the contests, too!

  6. Also Toby, any idea how much the shirts will cost? I want one :P

  7. Toby said $30 before the marathon not sure if that's still the price.

    I loved all the new stuff you added toby great work

    only probably was the lag. though untill australia get half decent net speeds there's nothing you could do.

    Also you might wanna have something that tells us what game you're playing the ammount of times i had to tell someone what the games was got annoying.

    Apart from that awesome marathon really enjoyed

    Toby awesome effort on getting to world 8 on DKCR shame i couldn't stay awake :( (I was wrecked haha)

    Can't wait for the next marathon (Please be a snes marathon)

  8. SlurmNator Also you might wanna have something that tells us what game you're playing the ammount of times i had to tell someone what the games was got annoying.

    Well, the other marathons they did have a ticker that told the viewers what the game was. Only they had to edit it everytime they switched games, and even then people still asked d=P

    It's not a big deal to either say the game, or get the IRC guys to simply remind people though. I only mind it that we need to remind people where the donate button is.

    *Nudge Nudge*


  9. Redeemer

    Jul 26 Administrator

    I loved everything about it, but I especially thought the little pop up with the name of the latest donator was awesome, because then we could thank them all personally.
    I think the next marathon should be a Zelda one. :3

  10. I loved the automation of the donation alerts and fan art uploading.

    Also, the interact feature was fun. Perhaps next time there could be a counter. So if I click cheer, instead of seeing "Cheering..." maybe it says how many others are cheering with me? You could also highlight the current game playing in yellow or something so that people who look on the site can see which one is being played.

    Maybe there could be a store for buying shirts etc. Then portions of the purchase can go toward the donation amount of the next marathon.

    Overall a very good marathon, good job with everything :)! IRC was a neat feature as well.

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