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    In just over a year, we've managed to run four reasonably successful marathons for two charities, raising over $10,000 a piece for World Youth International and charity: water. But raising the money is just half of the process—where has it gone, and what has it actually made possible?

    No less than would be expected from the amazing charities that are WYI and charity: water, the projects that the money has supported are fantastic. Let's take a look at where the money from each marathon has gone, and the people that it has helped.

    Game Over School for World Youth International

    In our first marathon, Game Over School, about 300 people chipped in to raise a total of $4,200.36 for World Youth International . This money has gone towards two things benefiting a school in Nepal with about 450 students:

    The purchase of a school bus, which will prevent the children from having to walk ridiculous distances to school everyday. (Pictured above)

    Employment of a dance/music teacher and equipment, providing a great opportunity for the kids to express themselves.

    I think this is a great result, especially when we get to see for ourselves what effect this has had on the kids in these photos. On a larger scale, it might not seem like much, but every little bit helps to give these children the chance that they deserve. More images can be viewed here: http://imgur.com/a/qLVZG

    Mario & Friends Marathon for World Youth International

    Mid-2011, we gathered and played Mario & Friends themed games to raise $5,185 for World Youth International . This will help fund the construction of a medical clinic in Odede, Kenya. WYI tell me that things are on track for construction to commence in May/June, and they're aiming to have the clinic finished and open by the end of the year.

    We'll keep you up to date on this one as well. Here's a drawing of what the clinic will look like:

    Worst. Marathon. Ever. for charity: water

    Playing all those bad games definitely paid off—we raised $10,637 for charity: water , 100% of which goes directly to water projects! Well done and many thanks to everyone who contributed.

    charity: water certainly know their stuff when it comes to transparency. The money all went through the mycharity: water service, which means that you'll get to see exactly where your money has gone and who it has benefited in a few more months. (charity: water estimate 18 months for the money to go to the field and for development to wrap up, so we're almost there!) When the time comes, donors should receive an email with information, GPS coordinates, and photos—and, of course, we'll be sure to post about it right here.


    In the meantime, we know that $10,000 is enough to provide two whole communities with a sustainable water source.

    The Superhero Marathon for charity: water

    The money you guys donated in our most recent marathon goes to the exact same thing as above. We raised $6,640.00, which is enough to provide clean water to one whole community of 250 people, and then some! About 17 months from now we'll have more specifics on where the money has gone and who it has helped.

    All of the above is all thanks to you guys—the viewers—and we'd like to thank you for your continued support. You've done a lot of good for a lot of people, none of which would've been possible without your help! It means a lot that you've tuned in to watch us battle through games, and supported our efforts by giving generously to these great causes.

    Here's to many more successful marathons and charity projects!

  2. This is fantastic. Thanks toby for writing this it makes me feel like i haven't just thrown some money at people. I've actuality given some money and known it's going to help people. :) Great Work

  3. Awesome to hear how much of an impact all the money raised has done! :D

    It'll be great to see the medical clinic up and running once it's finished, hopefully there will be more pictures to share when it's done as well.

  4. Redeemer

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    Wow. This actually made me tear up a little. I'm so touched by this. Well done Toby, seriously. Hey, I have a passport now, maybe I can visit you guys for the next marathon. XD

  5. chris

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    It's amazing how much can actually be bought for that amount of money. :)

  6. Yaaay for charity! :D
    Good job guys!

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