The Superhero Marathon

The Superhero Marathon has finished! With a goal of $5,000, we were aiming to raise enough money to build a sustainable clean water supply for a whole community of 250 people. So how'd we do? Read the wrap-up post »

Fan Art

During every marathon we love to receive and showcase artwork which our fans are kind enough to make for us.

Submit your own fan art!

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Please only submit original content. Any regurgitated memes or unoriginal images will not be approved.

"It wasn't me I swear >_>" by RustInPieces
"Fixed it (stupid people trying to be me)" by Slurmee
"" by Slurmee
"my mega man in minecraft. what do you think of it?" by someonerox1
"Tim saved the game" by Funiax
"AGAIN" by nikeplektrum
"" by Reginald Sebastian Smith
"DONATE!" by Brodie
"george when he hears about system 32" by pretenderking
"EXTERMINATE" by John Elias
"George at the workplace" by Anonymous
"" by Slurmee
"George Who" by Ryan
"I know this is George's favourite game." by pretenderking
"Please forgive me George <3" by me223311
"Good Guy George" by Ryan
"best emulator ever" by Anonymous
"This was so difficult on a trackpad." by Alllllright :D
":D" by Slurmee
"NOT HAPPY GUYS!" by Slurmee
"spider pid. :D" by someonerox1
"ummm spidy? " by someonerox1
"Needs more rings." by Sam 'Aviator'
"friend or foe attempt 2" by tobiowo
"Avatar elements (sorry for the quality)" by Candeldandel
"friend or foe" by tobiowo
"Rings" by Maximilian
"Hide your kids" by Tegan
"We all want it" by jnseals10
"Be A Hero" by Humanity
"Sean is sad" by TBUBS
"Donate or I'll Keep Dancing." by Fliptop
"oooooh so thats how he can fly." by someonerox1
"Reasons to Comic Sans" by WeWinAgain
"It's Relevant!" by jjgg
"" by Reginald Sebastian Smith
"so hot" by Tegain
"Me as a koala with Oprah" by Tegan
"Stop changing my facebook" by Teganss
"Me as a petard" by Tegan