The right evening dress for every occasion

An evening event is coming up and you’re wondering which evening dress is best? The possibilities for women are numerous: from short over knee-length to floor-length evening dresses in an elegant or casual style. At the same time, the invitation to an evening event raises the question: what do I wear? The choice of clothes should be consistent and women would like to feel comfortable in their outfit.


Classic evening dresses are characterized by their special fabric and the elegant cut. The evening dress is appropriate for festive occasions as well as most evening events, such as dance balls, operas or a gala. Many evening dresses are very figure-hugging and adapted to the respective season.

For formal occasions, such as balls or the opera, offers a long evening dress. This variant of the evening dresses extends at least over the knee, but usually up to the ankle. The long evening gowns are rather cut down at the bottom to give the wearer the necessary legroom when dancing.

Pompous and extravagant are flowing ball gowns. They are known from films such as “Sissi”, the Empress from Austria. Ball gowns are worn at formal and very significant events. Typical of ball gowns are the corset-like tops, the wide-cut skirts and the noble fabric of silk, satin or chiffon. In the broadest sense also wedding dresses belong to the category of evening dresses. Typical is the white color of the wedding dresses.

Especially at weddings: elegant, but by no means steal the show from the bride. If you are not the bride yourself, avoid the colors cream, beige and white in your wardrobe. Also wedding guests should refrain from eye-catching pattern combinations, prints or bright colors in the cloakroom, because that too could steal the show from the bride. The art is to find the right combination. Not too sexy but not too casual. Of course in black is not recommended, after all, a wedding isnot a funeral.


Short evening dresses or often called cocktail dresses are for casual events or parties. These clothes only reach to the knee. The most famous cocktail dress is probably the “little black dress “. That stands out from other evening dresses by its classically elegant cut. The short evening dresses can also be distinguished by their cut. Sheath dresses stretch to the knee and have a tight fit at the waist. Often, sheath dresses without sleeves and collar. Say, they have a simple timeless style and can be worn on all occasions. Loose, straight and more in a sporty style are shirt blouse dresses. A typical dress from the 50s is the petticoat dress. The festive dress has a Rock-a-Billy character with its wide, puffy underskirt, lace and ruffles.

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