These handbags must necessarily on your wish list

No question: the fabulous handbags of the Munich-based label OH! Lala are the shooting star of the industry and must not be missing under any Christmas tree! Thanks to the classically elegant outer shapes of the collection, the bags not only have the potential to become a real style icon, they also make the “OH! Lala” effect possible in the first place, In fact, this feeling of happiness inevitably overtakes us when we look inside the handmade jewelery pieces: instead of the usual gloomy black lining, the label relies on specially designed and strictly limited patterns in cheerful pastel colors. For OH! Lala, it is the inner values ​​of the bags that the label attaches great importance to. Each pattern has its own individual charm – and Flamingo, Fuchs and Matroschka, among others, find their way into the enchanting handbags. But the label has also thought of non-pattern lovers and has created wonderfully subtle inner lining with their “Simply OH! Lala” collection .


But that’s not enough! In fact, the handbags are made in exclusive handwork directly in Florence, Italy in small editions. Normally, the bags would not be to get under 400 euros through this elaborate manufacture manufacturing, but since the young label renounced entirely on intermediaries and sold exclusively through its own online shop , the small works of art are already available from 99 euros. The fashion heart leaps with joy!

So, no matter if you give it to yourself or give a tip to your loved one, we are convinced that the individual handbags will provide sparkling eyes under your Christmas tree.

Incidentally, the second collection, which was launched just a few days ago, extends the previous OH! Lala world with a super cute handbag that can also be worn as a crossbody, as well as an extra spacious shopper bag that really has everything you need in everyday life can not do without. The new collection also brings seven new lining patterns on the market. Our absolute favorites are including the pattern “Red Square Matryoshka” which is a tribute to the same, familiar characters, and the pattern “High Mountain Lake Side” , the real winter wonderland flair in magic pocket.

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