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Zelda Timeline Marathon

The Zelda Timeline Marathon has finished! Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for a wrap-up post. Want to stay up-to-date on future marathons and events?

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Fan Art

During every marathon we love to receive and showcase artwork which our fans are kind enough to make for us.

Submit your own fan art!

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Please only submit original content. Any regurgitated memes or unoriginal images will not be approved.

"Tim's disproportionate head makes him a perfect castle crasher" by Anonymous
"Delicious " by CranberryTime
"This is tim for SURE!" by goodguy68
"" by Ebearce
"Make him pay" by Ebearce
"" by goodguy68
"lol DONT LAUGH!" by Goodguy68
"Circle yes if u liek me" by CranberryTime
"i did my best " by AusReabz
"Tim <3" by Slurmee
"i couldn't resist... =D bye for sleep *_*" by anchuin
"" by Slurmee
"Team Beadle claiming their victory" by Flaming Wookie
"The timeline is wrong! Read Hyrule Historia!" by Thetimelineiswrong
"never enable the mask with cheats okay never" by IX
"Had to do it :)" by Theyankees213
"you're no match for my farting pig!" by the_spanna
"Farting pig? Yes!" by The not so very farting pig
"it's all fun and games until..." by lalec12
"IT'S A FARTING PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" by Fraser Magee
"SMELL DEM FARTS!" by Slurmee
"oh man, this really hurts..." by the_spanna
"I believe I can fly <3" by Rapid_
"Team Tingle has been number one :)" by KiKiLoVedOnO
"They see me planking..." by Tom Roberts (TR8364) (TRATE)
"Keepin' it real" by Zejiro
"A lego master sword held in front of my Batman t-shirt :D" by Vollmar
"" by Richti
"My new name on Facebook!!" by Tom Roberts (TR8364) (TRATE)
"Forever a fan" by JimbAilol
"O_o wtf?" by jjracer11
"navi is mad you break exquisite pots" by IX
"" by Sarah Clare
"Fail using paint, but who cares?" by Theynakees213
"Since you guys will never get around to drawing Tingle." by Sarah Clare
"THE TRUTH BEHIND THIS!" by Theyankees213
"Such a flattering photo of me and my friend dressed as link" by Samantha Emery
"i should do it again" by monkeyman64
"" by Ebearce
"" by Kerim
"Sorry this isnt that good :)" by Samantha Emery
"Based on my earlier mistake. Sorry it's really bad I had to make" by Tom Roberts (TR8364)
"" by Kerim
"good guy iron boots logic" by pacreams
"" by Kerim
""That number is making me feel uncomfortable."" by Sarah Clare