The marathon to end all marathons.

Begins 10 January 2013, 7:30 AM GMT   ·     Facebook event
The Apocalyptathon has finished! Thank you for all of your support throughout the marathon. Read the wrap up post »
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Marathon starts at 7:30 AM, 10 January 2013 (GMT).

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Raised for Free The Children
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With $8,500 in donations, Free The Children is able to construct a schoolhouse in a developing nation. Learn more »

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What is this?

The video to the left is a live stream of us (a bunch of students from Australia) playing through some apocalypse-themed video games. Our aim is to provide entertainment over a 72-hour period in an effort to raise awareness and money for a charity called Free The Children.

Top Donors
$1,228 AusReabz
$929 Ben Baker
$841 Reverend
$550 @army_ninja23
$200 George Sux
$180 Poll Breaker [cembry90]
$167 Angela
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$156 Llama_with_hat
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$10 @jordynelee
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Contests & Prizes

Dad said the shed is getting too full with prizes, so we have to give all this awesome stuff away ASAP (including a freaking Nintendo Wii U).

We'll draw a raffle every 12 hours, with the Wii U being drawn at 72 hours. It's super easy to enter:

$5  donation OR $10  referred donations = 1 entry

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