The marathon to end all marathons.

Begins 10 January 2013, 7:30 AM GMT   ·     Facebook event

We get it: donating to charity, watching dudes play games, and lolling at fan art is a drag. So here's some totally gnarly free stuff you can score!

Wii U 72 hours into the marathon, we'll be raffling off a brand-new Nintendo Wii U!
Check out the "Donation Raffles" box below for entry details.


  Donation Raffles

Every 12 hours we'll be raffling off a prize from the Prize Pool, and at 72 hours we'll be raffling off a Nintendo Wii U! Entries are valid for all raffles, so donate early to increase your chances of winning.

$5  donation OR $10  referred donations = 1 entry

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  Most Referred Donations

Invite your friends to donate and you could win big! We'll give you a unique referral link—share it with your friends to try and refer as many donations as you can! Get your referral link »

For every $10 you refer, you get one entry into the raffle. Additionally, the top referrers will win the following prizes:

1st Pick one of the games we play in our next marathon + Prize Pool
2nd Choice from Prize Pool
3rd Choice from Prize Pool

  Top Donor Hours

Missed out on the most recent raffle draw? Don't give up! In the two hour period following each donation raffle, the person who donates the most will win a prize from the Prize Pool.


  Biggest Retweet

Get a popular Twitter user to (re)tweet about us! If you succeed, email us with your Twitter username, the tweeter's Twitter username, and a link to the tweet.

1st Choice from Prize Pool
2nd Choice from Prize Pool

Prize Pool

Humble THQ Bundle (Won)
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Steam)
2 x Borderlands: GOTY (Steam)
Counter Strike: GO (Steam) (Won)

Half Life 2 (Steam)
LA Noire (Steam) (Won)
Super Meat Boy (Steam) (Won)